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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Pawthers Day from the Katie Katz

Oreo here... Just wishing every paw a Happy Pawther's Day

Lil Bear

Lil Bear:  Dat am called Father's Day.
Oreo:  Ooh... Well am Uncle Mike a Pawther?
Uncle Mike

Lil Bear:  Uncle Mike am a Daddy Mom... But him am Not The Momma. Katie am Momma.

Toby: Him am my Pawther... so there. Auntie Katie stop flashing that box at me... I haz to close my eyes

Toby not like flashy box
 Auntie Katie:  Sorry Toby... If you would stop moving around. I can get a better photo with the light from the window.

Toby: I dont likes Flashy box!!!

Auntie Katie: Shhhh.... Uncle Mike am Sleeping. Him having a sleepy day today.  Him has one more week before he gets laid off at hims job... so he needs a good rest.  And Daddy am another name for Father or Pawther.

Joey: Good Idea... Time fur Napping...
Joey, Doobie and Lulu

Oreo:  Happy Pawther's Day... We hopes all Pawthers hads a good Nappy Day.

Lil Bear:  Father's Day...It am Father's Day!
Oreo: But that what I said...
Lil Bear:  MOM!!!!

Katie: Happy Father's Day from all us Katz and Uncle Mike too.


  1. Happy Father's Day to Uncle Mike and to all the special Dads everywhere!

  2. Happy Father's Day to Uncle Mike and to all of you because you get to celebrate with him. We hope you got him a tie like all the good children do every year. :)

  3. Happy Dad's Day to all Dad's everywhere, Past and Present; Dads who are Cats, Dads who are Dads of Beins, and Dads who are Dads of Cats! And to Moms who must also be "Dads".

  4. Belated happy Father's Day to your Mom and Uncle Mike!

  5. Happy Father's Day to all the kitty dads ! Purrs


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