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Friday, October 17, 2014

Molly Tells About Nana Update and JJ's Kittens

To: Blogging Cats (and their Humans)...
From: Molly

Thank you for all your purrs and prayers for the Mom's Mom.  After going Via Christi Immediate Care (vs  Emergency Room )  Our Nana is getting better... She has a very bad and painful UTI. Please have your human tell you what that is.  Cats can get them too and they can be very painful and you have to take yucky medicine, sometimes pills that are so big and hard to swallow!  Nana still needs a new MRI to check her head to make sure no more bad tumours are growing.  The good doctor at Immediate Care Suggested some very good doctors for Nana and the Mom to visit.  Hopefully Nana will have her MRI soon. 

Thank you so much for sending your purrs and funds to help me and my kittens... The Mom says they might be ready for their forever homes in a few weeks... and then I can get spayed. I love my kittens, but would really like a break and not have to worry with more children in the future...

Now the Mom tells me about another mother cat named J.J. and her kittens that are at Uncle Mike's house and they are living outside.   One of the black kittens has no tail!  J.J. looks like her brother Joey.  Joey and J.J.'s mom is a black cat named Yubie (aka Hubie).  J.J. is from Yubie's second litter.  The Mom has not seen Yubie in a long time, but we are all very glad that J.J. came to Uncle' Mike's house to be fed and cared about.  J.J. is shy of humans, but wants her kittens to have a good life.  

So far, the Mom was able to bring in the tabby kitten and found out that kitten is a girl... so now Tabby Kitten is in the bathroom.  She was very scared at first, but now lets the Mom handle her a lot... but she is missing her littermates and J.J. very much and cries alot when left alone in the bathroom... 
Please purr that the Mom can capture the other two kittens so they can have a good life and help Tabby Kitten not be so lonely.

The Mom is going to put J.J. and the other kitten's food inside a kennel cage and when they all go in, she can close the door... but J.J. may get too fraidy.   If only J.J. knew that the Mom is good people so she could learn about the wonderful world of indoor living...

The Mom hopes that J. J. will stay close after the kittens are brought into the house, so that she can get spayed... 

Back to remodeling the blog... The Mom needs to get all my kittens posted in a blog page so that when good people answer the ad for my kittens, they can see what my sweethearts look like...  and of course the Mom and I will interview everyone and ask lots of questions so we can find the right home for my girls and my little boy.
Will keep you posted about my kittens and J.J.'s kittens while we work on the blog stuff.

Love and Purrz,


  1. Awww, such beautiful kittens and kitties. I hope you can get them neutered and maybe find good homes for them. We are so sorry to hear about your Nana. I'm purring for her right now. Mario's Meowsings

  2. Oh we sure hope you can capture the litter mates soon. We've tried everything to catch a Mama and her two kittens, but no luck yet.

  3. Thank you for the package which arrived this morning Hannah and Lucy love the mouses and the card is lovely. We were happy to be able to help.

  4. We are glad that your Nana is getting better. We will keep purring and praying!

    We hope you are able to catch those other two babies.

  5. Those kittens are so precious. I hope the testing turned out OK for Nana.

    All the best for a fun weekend to all of you!!

  6. I am praying for Bi Bi - hope Bo's tooth heals quickly - and I hope the little girl will soon realize what a special kitty Mittens is!!!


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