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Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy 6 weeks old Birthday Kittens!

Mew Mew at the Vets

Kittens at 4 weeks
Mew Mew and the kittens went to the Vet on Saturday.  Mew Mew had been throwing up her food last weekend... and she had gotten really skinny.  She slowly gained her weight back when I took her off of anything with milk in it, including the kitten replacement and Fancy Feast kitten.  I dud give her and the kittens a different brand of kitten milk that was lower in lactose. 

Last Thursday she started throwing up again... So off the vets Saturday.  Dr. Johnson and I think it was still Milk products, so no milk products at all!  He gave her Royal Canin high fiber and she ate it all weekend and no throwing up!  Hooray!  But Kody (aka Cody), threw up several times Sunday, yet he kept Mama's milk down just fine.  Today no throwing up for Kody either...I took the kids of off Milk related foods too, so hopefully Kody will be better now.  Please keep Kody in your purrz.

Mew Mews Kittens are turning 6 weeks old today!  They will be ready for furever homes by sometime in June! 

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I hate this part - like being "god" in control of little kitty lives.

Tiger at the vets

Mew Mew showed up the weekend after my friend Annette Hedke died on my Birthday, Thursday, February 5.

Sunday morning, I had a dream, where I was telling Annette, "No, I can't. Please stop asking me."  I woke up and thought, that's crazy, why would I say I can't to something, when with God all things are possible?  Then I got some food for J J, the kitty girl who stops by to eat on the porch.  Instead of J.J., there was a really friendly black cat on my brother's breezeway porch... Oh no, a new kitty.  When I put food down, she jumped on my shoulders as if to say, I need your help.

Dandy or Cody at the vets... not sure mol
But we didn't have room for another cat - I prayed, and I heard God whisper, "I have provided a place for them..."  I knew he meant all the cats in my care... and now he must mean this little black cat as well.  I brought her in and kept her in the small bathroom.  Good thing, because we had a snow storm after Sunday.

Now, I know that God had to also mean Mew Mew's kittens - he has a place prepared for them.

Please Share and Purr.  Pray that God will guide me in His will for finding the forever homes that He has provided for them, that I will be able to discern where each kitten should go.

Little Princess at the vets

Prayers and Purrz,
Katie Kat.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww They be sooooo cute. Can ya' tell weez like 'em? By da way, sis Lexi and hers bwofur wuz llergic to milk fwum da get, and since there wasn't a kitty mommy then mommy had to feed/raise 'em wiffout da normal milks, and altho' sissy has CKD now, it had nuffin' to do wiff hers baby eatin'. and she's still got a lot of good years in her. Mommy tells God everyday to make it so.And till now hers waz always heallffy as a horse. Not sure why peeps say dat, but they do so me will. Anyways, weez be purrayin' fur all of 'em and we know they'll get da wight homes. Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. de manee blessings oh st francis two ewe wee kittehz....N yea...milk iz knot ALL THAT any way....
    anymew...we hope everee one continuez ta improve heatlh wise, N may each of ewe find that purr fect
    for everz, for ever home ...N happee 6 weekz guys !! ♥♥♥


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