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Saturday, April 08, 2006

2 B Fair...Are dogz funni?

Sum purrson comment dat dey dont wike catz...

Sohz maybe dey tink dogz iz funnier. I dunno. Deyz kinda serious.

I tink dey need sum help...



  1. Well, having been both a cat and dog person as a child...

    Dogs are funny because they are so, um, thick. At least all the dogs we owned.

    But I still like cats more. Really intelligent (apparently enough to use the computer!), and don't require my attention 100% of the time. Although they can have attention whenever they want! But my husband is allergic... so we now have no pets (darn asthma!).

  2. So you were the one who stole my dog!!!! Give me back my killer...I'll do anything you want. snifff

  3. Mommi use ta have dogz & katz togethur. Dey waz best friendz... & use ta du da funniest tingz. I tink dogz iz funni cuz dey luk silli when dey bark at me.

    Katie ^..^

  4. Dogs are funny because they are fools. Cats are funny because we are comedians.

  5. Dat's wike 99% true, weez cats r grate comedianz.

    Now Da Cherhman, he got dis doggie named Django and Django funni comedian like hiz Daddy shuda seen dem at da Animal Fair in New York. Dey waz grate team togeddur. Django play funni strate man.

    bye bye.


  6. I think dogs are a good way to have a laugh or some fun. No matter how you feel they can always make you happy.

  7. Dogz is fun to have wit catz togeddur... dey make grate friendz like dis photo show.

    Katie's Mommi


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