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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Found Doggie Update!!

Dis mornin, Mommi lefs a mesaje at da animal sheltur. Dat doggiez mommie call sheltur.
Dey tell hurz dat Mommi found hur doggie!!
Hiz name iz Cody... And hiz Mommiez name iz Dawn... (smile) Wittle Doggie wandurd 3 blocks in freezin windy snow shtuff. Early dis evenin, Cody's Mommie showz up at our door. He so happie ta hear Dawnz voice dat hiz tail about wag-did off! D
en he went bye bye wit hiz Mommie. Dey waz happie again...

Our Mommie cumz back in da housie twirlin. She laugh-did and said Tank U Purrayerz.
How dat blind Cody not got run-did ofurr or nuffin? Dat's a miracul or sumpin.

I don't mindz small doggiez so much az long az dey jus visitin!!
-Katie Ann Kitty Too,
Jr. Secretive Agent, LSVC.


  1. What a great story! I am so happy that blind and old Cody got reunited with his fambly. You were so sweet to keep him safe until then!

  2. Oh boy, we loves stories wif happy endings. We think somebody musta been watchin out fur Cody cuz he was blind and still founded hiz way to someone who cood help him! Yoor mom and yoo'z wuz furry nice to help keep him safe until hiz mommy cood come for him.

  3. Yur Mom is a hero fur helpin the little woofie. Purrs an ankle rubs to you bof.

  4. It's good the doggie was found!
    Is that a piano you are sitting on? How beautiful - I love the piano! Do you play it at all or do your humans? :)

  5. thanks for looking out for the poor pup - that's awesome :-)


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