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Friday, March 21, 2008

Bootsie Furry Furstid Foto

Ize jus 3 muffins old, Nohfembur 2007.
Oooh. dis my furst timez fotoh effur! I waz rescrued frum a slavage lard...
umm Mummie... whats dat. I meanz a savage yard.... oooh neffurs mine.
day hadz carz n truks n scaree noiseez....

Da Biggur Kitteez waz mean n Ize starvin n had a feevfur... sohz Laydee
Dat Werkd Dehr tooks me hom... she hadz Big Doggeez sohz she gavez
me to Naybur Laydee.

Ize scardid n hid in da baftubbee...til da Nayburz Dahtur Laydee cayme.
dats my Big Sistur Mummie she tooks mee homez n feds mee....

Mee wz limpin n stuffinz sohz sheeze tooks mee to Murgeencee Vetteez Peeplez. dey waz goodz...dey shavdid my shohdur n tooks owt da swellin frum Meen Boy Kittee byte. and putdid dis funnee lizabeefin collar on my head.... why dey doo dat??

Mee not gonna tayk da tubee out uv my shohdur!?!
Ize not dumb ya knoh. Mee wittle n stuffins n mee head dragdid wif da collar!!

Sistur Mummie not shoh doze fotohz... she say dey not defelopped.... floppee bunnee sumpin...
Ize dunnoh dat. but dah froggee fall down... Ize play wif him.... oohh... Ize tellin stohree otayz...

Antee wayz day givs mee stuffs dat tayst wikes bubblez gum....Mummee whatz dat? oohh Ize didnt wikes bubblez gum stuffinz

Big Sistur Mummie mayd mee tayk dat and Ize gots bettur.... Den she tayks me to see Mistur Doctur Johnson. dats wher Mummee and Ize pwayed froggee fall down... waitin ta see Dah Doctur Johnson. (orz dats whn weze sawz himz nex tihmz? Ize furgotz. ) ...and he tookdid out dat tubee and da sticheeze and Hiz Sistant tookdid
dis furry furstdid fotoh...dat waz bax in Nohfembur
but Ize had diz bald shohdur fur umteem weeks and stuffoms.... whilez mee growed... Uze kin kinda seez wher dat mize rite shohdur iz shavdid in da fotoh....den Ize growed furz bak...
mee grow did wotz sence din...

Sistur Mummee sayz Ize wittle!! Furz a big gurl... Ize an itsee bitsee Bootsie!

Sistur Dayzee iz wayz biggur den meez.... Dayzee chases meez n sheze getz in trubbel fur dat.
I wikes Kaytee Tooh...cuz weze Tuxie katz. Kaytee sayz Ize a Mini Mee.... Mummee whatz dat?.

Ize dun wit dat stohree. bye bye.



  1. You are such a cute kittie. So glad you were rescued. And you are safe now.

  2. Aww Bootzie you are such a sweetie and your coat is very stylish. Your Mummie is a good person for rescuing you :D

  3. Bootsie, you're looking very pretty in that photo. You've had some big adventures in your short little life. Hope your big sister Daisy gets used to having you around and stops chasing you too much,


    Gypsy & Tasha


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