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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sum Furry Furstdid Fotos

Looks at wat weze found!! Some old fotohs of me andPuzzles Mommee. Dis here waz Puzzles... She was a little gurlHere she iz furree sick wifs numohnyah... Katrin missus hur....
I don't remembur much cuz I was 1 monfs old when she
went ovfur the bridge.

Herez sum reel funnee fotohz whnz
I was just weeks old
in 1989

Pweez rubs my tummee! (5 weeks)

Tat waz a skweekee toy.... I thot it was weerd... cuz it not had no fur!!! Sohz Katrin Gotted me a fuzzy bear.

Here iz my 3 Coompear to Bear fotohs:

4 weeks old

14 week and 2 dayz

1 Year Old!!! in 1990 >>>>

Hopez sums uvs y'all gots to seez a Pashun play furr Rezuerrecshun Sunday 2008....
Weze sawz one dis morning on ta inturnetz! Dat waz spektakularlee amayzing!
Ize Seen 19 Easturs!! And dats was da day Katrin Savedid Mee!!
Cuz Puzzlez was sick and I losted my bruther and sistur....
Katrin feds me wif an eyedropper!!

Remembur dat Life iz Beeyootieefull
and it's okayz to be Eccentrically Meshuganeh!!
Happee Eastur, Pureemz, and Passovfur...

Spunky Boo Bear and Katrin.


  1. OH the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!
    It's amazing that you grew and always in the same position,hahahaha!!!
    I hope you are still gettin' spoiled :)
    Purrs Mickey

  2. How cute. It is great to see how they grow up. And how fast ;-)

  3. hello! dose photos are very cutes!
    are you frenchs? because your bloggie comment says "enregistrer un commentaire" so I enregistered won. bonjours!

  4. thx furr dropping by at felinesophy:) you have cutie & sweetie feline family adorable!

    btw, indeed our cats have manage to transform their vocalizations into our language, it's so amazing!

    see ya around,

  5. What lovely photos of you as babies, you sure were cute and still are :)

  6. Hi Katie,
    We usues it is free, we put link on website, and it trackifies who is visiting the page, where he comed from, and what time. fings like that. so we only guessified the IP based on the fact that the only bean who came in around 5:30 that days was that guy, since everyone else came in thru the cat blogosphere, and clearly they were not beans! then we see on statcounter about the IP like where he is located and everyfing! it is so cool. and you don't have to put any ugly advertisements!

  7. hi katies again,
    we are mussed up toos because our Mombean's Mom is Jewish but our Dadbean is -umm...we r not sure, something christian though. but nobody in our house evar practices verry much of anything. we just do the stuff that we get presents!!! :) we r only jewish in cultures like our grandmombean likes to say stuffs like "oy vey" a lots. it is very funys.

    our mombean has been to France too, she lived there for a semester when she was in colleges. she said it is a great place but not so fun for kitteis since we prefer great outdoors and not big cities like Pariii.

    a bientot


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