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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dogs n Kitties go to Heaven!

Diz fur EZ likes Sunny Dayz...
Mom's Frind sent dis bout Dogs goin ta heaven.
Deze two churches is havin a sign debate!!

And Looks what we gotted now!
Two Accounts at T-Shirt n Stuffoms making places:

U kin gets our Official Jr Comik* fan shirt here

And our Exclusive line of Judah's Rose*. (see drawing below)

Our Got Chutzpah* Stuffoms iz here:

Please let us know which one of deze places you likes best, or ifns you know an even better shoppin place!!!

Katie Too


  1. MOL!!!!!!!!!! (Meowing out loud) I love it! Especially the last one, although I'm sure it wasn't the final one in their debate. :)

  2. I have a feeling this debate will continue...although we all know which one is right!

  3. Go Our Lady of the Martyrs! This was pretty funny. We love looking for church signs - this was the best yet!

  4. What a funny debate! You guys are all very handsome and cute. All the best for the squillion raffle :)

  5. The last one is really funny. Must be a heavy heaven..

    There is a new part of my story on my blog.

  6. hahahahahahaha we luf it. that wuz grate.

  7. We agree with Tuck! This could go on forever!

  8. Visit my blog to find out, if your guess was right..

  9. Mum laughed at the church signs. Maybe they should concentrate on people!


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