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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shhh...I gots a seekrit!

Happy Mama's day yesserday!

Dis is Daisy wifs a furry Seekrit... I iz a baby Mama!
I snuk outs and well.... da rest iz purrsonal... You shud see da happy smile on mai face. And wow are mai preborn babiez n me hungry!!! Weze could use some helps ta feed alla us kitties! I iz eatin Kitty Chow ta gets extra nutrishun. (so is Bootsie cuz hur don't eat enuf. Da rest uv da gang is eating Pets Mart Authority brand sensitive diet dat is corn free.)
Ize not tellin who da Baby Daddy iz yet. Mama finks he cood be dis small long haired tabby boy frum cross da street or a big long haired sandy orange homeless fella who takes sheltur in da garage sumtimes. Last time Mama saw da big sandy boy was about a week ago. Him was nappin on our porch swing. Him was hurted and took off slowly when Mom felt hims hips. He hasn't cum bak. Pleze pur fur him.
Mama finks Ize gots a few morh weeks ta goh. Da best part is I gets da bedroom to maiself! Well mama n I finks Bootsie kin share, but noh boyz allowed. Bootsie needs a break from Maxie, too. Him has gotten all bigs and chubby and wants ta chase and wrestle alla time! And me n Bootsie dont wanna do dat! Well I dont need ta do dat and Boostie is wittel.
Pleze purr fur mai babies dat dey iz born safely and healthy n we finds dem furevfur homes n Pleze pur fur Maxie, too. We finks him woulds luv a bruther home where him kin wrestle n stuffoms and lose sum uv dat weight!
We keeps you updated.
Luv and hugs,
Daisy May Daffodil
Dehr is a goods website fur baby mamas,


  1. Hugs and purrrrrrrrsssss! We wish we could send you some green papers, but Mommy is out of a job for health reasons. But we can purrrrrrr for you and that helps!

  2. Oh Daisy, we're gonna purr big time for you and your family. There's a little bit extra that we sent you this week, and we'll see if we can help out again later on,

    Purrs and {{{hugs}}}

    Gypsy & Tasha

  3. Oh, that are great news! Congrats!!

    There is a new part of the story on my blog.

  4. Please contact a rescue organization in your area to have your queen spayed after she has stopped nursing her kittens. There is nothing wonderful about bringing more kittens into a world that has too many who are already dying in shelters all over the US. Mother cats are not having a good time when they are pregnant and after birth. It is hard work and takes a toll on their bodies.

    Please spay your cat.


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