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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Caturday Pop Art with Doobie and Guero

Moom! Wakes up! You forgotted dis am Caturday Art Day!
Hurry Up! Weze soooo lates... Look Mom what I founded.
I hope sumbuddy comes bys to see how cute I am in differunt colorz....

How did we save this photo without ordering? Well there's a Hack for that. You hits the print screen on your compooter - top right of your keybord.  Then you open your favorite photo editing software and paste the image - then crop image to photo you made!  The Mom used, a free photo editing software.


Dearest folks on the internets... would you likes a magnet with your kitty on it in Pop Arts??

Can you please helps my friend Guero's Mommy? 

She really needs rents on Tuesday cause a bad man stole dehr monies. Weze just asking fur change. Katie Mom am trying to sell old TV stuffs but no biteys yets.

Mom says you can paw the Paypal Donation button on the side to helps. Then sends a photo to laugh_safely ats Yahoo dot com and the Mom will makes a magnet fur you!


  1. Artsy. Did you see this way way to fundraise?

    1. Have not heard of them... thanks for the info!

  2. Love the different color photos. We wish things would come together for Silvie and her cats. It's hard living week to week.

  3. Love all the colours!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. You maybe late, but we are found some great piece of art that we didn't want to miss. Absolutely great art, Katie :) Pawkisses :) <3


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