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Monday, April 04, 2016

Update On Jolly Cat and Silvia

Update: Jolly back home inside Monday afternoon... he's a pistol - they really try to keep him in. Will keep you upated on his healing.. Purrz, Katie Kat
Jolly, my mother's neighbor's cat came through surgery Saturday night and is back home since Sunday morning. Stitches are at least 3 inches long! Cost to save his life: over 600.00. Needs to stay inside until well. Neighbor called me last night though that he may have accidentally escaped their house... Don't know if he is back home yet. 

Please keep Jolly in your purrz and prayerz. So thankful that 360.00 was paid before surgery using paypal donations and Care Credit. And a vet tech donated 10.00!

Had to pay another 76.20 Sunday morning and remainder to be paid off in three monthly installments (plus a 35.00 processing fee to I Care). Thank you so much for your purz and donations so far! Even though 200.00 earmarked for Silvia had to be used on Sunday, because of one furry special purrson, will be able to pay Silvia's rent tomorrow!

If you can help with Jolly's bill and to keep Silvia and her kitties from becoming homeless, please see and click on the donation button or use the gift to friends option at paypal and send to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

Silvia went to interview at Marriott today for a housekeeping position.  Her roommate Alex has work in another town, but their car needs seen by a mechanic. I'm going to ask dear brother to see what needs to be done. Will let you know how much funds to get it fixed. 

Silvia is sooo close to getting back on her feet, yet she is getting despondent and worried she will have to find a home for her 5 cats and stay at a homeless shelter.  Soo hard to find one home for Silvia's fur babies. And the only no-kill shelter is so small and struggling to keep afloat.  Guero is finally healed and then lose his only pawrents? How sad would that be for this sweet baby and his fur family?

Thank you for all your purrz and prayerz.  Helping cats in need keeps me going too. (I need your purrz to help find homes for the furbabies in my care too.)

-Katie Kat.


  1. Dang, you would think someone would be watching a cat who came through surgery. Hey, Feral-TV pics soon.

  2. After all that, did the neighbors really let the cat get outside?

    Can't blame Silvie for being despondent. Hope things work out soon.

  3. I hope Jolly made it back home and that he heals quickly!

  4. Oh poor Jolly & Silvia I send mega purrs to you both.
    Hug to your human


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