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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Purrz fur Mom who gotted Ringworm

We interrupt our pur-reviously scheduled post to share that Mom gotted ringworm from helping Uncle Mike's neighbor whose kitties lives in a furry messy house and goes outdoors to a yard dat needs lots of cleaning... and her didn't wear gloves. MOM! What were you thinking?!? Dat no buddies was sicks?? (note: ringworm on kitties can be asymptomatic... not seen)

Ring Worm After 3 days of  Clotrimazole
Now you gots ugly sores on your arm and back and chin haz to takes yucky meds. You shoulda seen that one on her neck when she went to the doc - all big and round and puffy sore.   And you can't holds me in your lap while we does the bloggy either.

Mom was sooo dumb she thought the first sore on her neck was a spider bite...when it showed up last weekend as a furry small circle. But then dat sore gotted the size of a quarter by Tuesday and her went to da clinic to see doctor!

But even dumber was the doc at the clinic who thought it was a rash. Mom knew it wasn't a rash... 
So when Dr. Iknowzitall wanted her to use Kenalog, a steroid cream, her told him and Student Nurse Iknowzitall in Training if Kenalog had lanolin in it cause her am was allergic. Dr. Iknowzitall said "there isn't anything in the cream that is listed on your chart."  Well come to finds out, lanolin wasn't on her chart like supposed to be.  Then Mom looked up the cream inactive ingredients on her smart phone and sure enough that cream haz lanolin.  But they didn't listen.

In fact Student Nurse Iknowzitall said that Mom shouldn't be allergic to the steroid cream cause her had the same med in an injection before!! What?? Dats crazy, every human knows that ya don't puts the cream base stuffs into your bloodstream. I maybe a cat, but I knows dats pills and foods dats Mom puts da pill in are diffurent things... Dat Nurse needs to takes medicine class over before her goes spouting dumb stuffs again and hurts somemommy.

Mom been going to that clinic likes furever and all the volunteer doctors are usually furry smart and trustworthy. Mom am gonna make sure not to haz appointments when Dr. IKnowzItAll am there. 
Steroid cream am big no no with ring worm. What if Mom had not been allergic to lanolin and used that cream on her neck ouchie? Woulda been a gazillion times worse. Looks how bad it gotted anywayz!

So how Mom find out? From alla smart peoples saying, "That looks like ring worm." She asked Auntie Silvia, Nana Mom, a friend who went to dermatology school and a vet specialist. Intake nurse at clinic thought so too.

And me hoping dats Mom didn't give dat nasty stuffs to us!!! Now Mom am taking Turbinafine (edited) pills to stop being contagious and it am hards on her liver (her liver gots tumors in it) but her don't want us and Nana and Uncle Mikes to be sicks.
By Tuesday, Mom started cleaning everything and wearing gloves. Uncle Mike am gone to gets a black light so we can find out if our furs or skin am glowing or not. If lots of kitties looks like they has Martian furs, Mom will take us to be tested, but that's gonna cost alots and we don't has dat. 

Mom am especially worried bout me being the oldest, Maxwell Tigger and Boostie cause they just gots over flea rashes and little Pearl who am the youngest and was supposed to visit foster home tomorrow.


CATURDAY ART... I helped mom turn that yucky photo into something purrtee using with crystalizing and denting. Three steps - crystal, hue and denting.

We keeps you updated if anycats fur looks like Martian Ring cats... Please purr nuffin am founded. Please purr that we don't need monies fur testing and meddies.

-Katie Kitty Too
Jr. Reporter
Katiez Furry Mewz


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles! We sure do needs to catch one. Does a kitty hunts fur it likes a mouse or does it dangle on a string?

  2. What an icky thing to have. M had it once years ago on her neck from leaning her head back on a movie theater seat. It was a long time ago, so she not remember what they did for it. Hope your human's case will clear up real soon.

    1. That's scary getting ringworm from the back of a movie theater seat! Likes how was your human supposed ta knows dat? Thanks fur the well wishes, will lets the Mom know you am purring fur her.. -Katie Kitty Too

  3. Very scary.

    Mum got ringworm years before she had me and as she had no other pets at the time she's sure she caught it from the bus or some other public place. She's been pretty germ phobic since then. Hers went away with a cream the human doc prescribed for her.

    Hope you mom gets better soon.

    Purrs xx

  4. Dang, purrs to the Mom from all of us here.

  5. Well UGH! I feel for you. I have never had Ring Worm, but I knew a little boy that did when I was a kid ... don't remember it spreading like that though. Hope you get rid of it soon and that none of the furbabies get it. Good that you are feeling well enough to create art ... that is kind of therapeutic, right? Good luck to you and keep us posted :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  6. interesting photo sorry about your mom we know how it is moms got bad headaches and idiots for human vets sending zen hugs and purrs to speed the healing I'm frankie the snowshoe who thinks he's a german shepard bad humans tried to break into my moms house so I got busy waking everyone up

  7. Your poor mom! One thing after another. We hope this will soon be over and she can hold you again.

  8. Lordy, that is one awful affliction. I hope so much you mom recovers well and doesn't play with the kitty's next door ... up close anyway. You all can wave from a distance.
    And watch out yourself!

  9. Yucky! We had ring worm - once. It tooked forever to gets rid of. First our woofie bringed it home from the vet, then mes gotted it, then Daddy, then hissy old Licorice and then Mommy...It was NOT fun!
    Sending yous lots of purrayers


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