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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chiquita Toesies and Honey Peach Selfies

Hiya internet friends... Mom am sorting out her Canon camera dat her gotted as a gift...

It am furry funny the way it works when the flashy am on. you haz to hold the button down til it beeps and then release. Takes a while to work unless am photos outside. Canon Powershot SX 410IS...

I helped Katie Mom out by taking a selfie of my cute back toes...

And den here I am confusing Katie Mom by sniffing the carpet. Actually I was just avoiding the flashy light.
I am not really dats chubby. I am just scrunched up. I hads to stretch after dat photo. I iz still a furry shy girl and takes a while fur me to trust mew folks.... I loves people once I gets to know dem.

I hopes to gets a home with Honey Peach. We lives to play together cause we am bout the same small size of cutie girl kitties. Here am her selfie from last night...Mom thinks her am part Persian, cause her am almost a Baby Doll Persian kitty girl. Honey am getting a bit chubby, but me am still my skinny long self... and fur some reason, my furs did not grow back on my tummy from my spay several months ago. 

Katie Mom not bin helping us on the 'puter lately cause her am bin busy raising funds fur us kitties and we am still behinds... and needs more funds and stuffs. (If you helped last year and want a statement before April 15th, please let Katie Mom know... you can email us at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com.)

Katie bin getting all sorts of stuff like fridges and dryers and metal things to take to scrap yards... and lots of different metals that we not plays with... I wish Katie Mom would collect catnip or mousies toys, but dehrs not money in dats.  So we hopes to visit more dis weeks especially to all our loverly friends who has been so kinds to leeves us comments and stuff.

We will talks to you later on the weekend fur sures... (and sumpin special fur April Furst...)

Purrz and Nose Kisses,
Miss Chiquita and Miss Honey Peach


  1. Katie Mom does so much for kitties in need...Happy Sunday, friends! (And Mudpie would love you to draw her!)

  2. Your photos are wonderful and those toesies do look pretty special!

  3. Miss Lady Chiquita yur paw selfie iss deevine!! LadyMum says yur toesiess look like Nylablue'ss did when shee was alive. An LadyMum all most kissed thee Pee Cee screen!!! Mee finks yur gorgeous!
    Miss Lady Honey Peach yur a berry purrty gurl all so.
    Pawss crossed all yur wishes come true.
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  4. HI all, firstly let me say them real nice toes, and second being compressed in a photo really does make us look all chubby and definitely nothing to do with eating too many mice! Purrs to you both and love the selfies!

  5. Sweet toesies! Looks like your Mom got a great camera because those are beautiful photos!

  6. Mum get used to it, it just takes a bit of practice and maybe she can do little videos too!

  7. Chiquita, your toesies are just too cute! And, Honey Peach, you have the loveliest furs. We are sending you all lots of purrs and prayers!

  8. We love your toesies Selfie, Chiquita and your beautiful Selfie as well, Honey Peach☺ You have a very special mom too❤Pawkisses for a wonderful day☺❤

  9. Katie sure does stay busy. We hope she is able to raise the money she needs to help all of you.


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