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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lots of Kitty Mewz and Purrz

Hiya evfurry one, Angel here with my under the coat selfie (yes this my coat to cuddle in, Katie Mom gotted it fur free fur us kitties to snuggle on).

We haz bin taking long naps and needs to catch you ups on the latest fings happening in April!!

Furst, the kittens are growing bigger and are over two months old. Bobby will be going to hims mew home furry soon and hims broffur and sisfur will be going to a furry goods rescue who has lots of good cats who loves kittens so they can haz a good role model dats dehr are good humans that loves them...  cause dehr Mom Molly am a scaredy girl around Katie Mom... 

Bobby will has mew big brothers to play wifs too...   
Mitchel as kitten.
Like Mitchel, a kitty dats Mom helped rescue a few years ago. Mitchel am grown up now... and need mew brother to play with

Katie Mom met furry interesting kitties lately while picking up metal stuff fur raising money fur us.

Dis Orange kitty am Roo.  He am a service cat and a dwarf Maine Coon. He was born with shorter front legs and a curved spine. He wasn't supposed to live and was going to be PTS - can you imagine that!?!?  He am the bestest kitty and helps Daddy by telling him when he am going to haz bad headaches by putting toys in Daddy's shoes!! He tell Daddy you can't go out today, you am need to rest... and he help Daddy stay focused too. What a good boy!! Roo love Daddy and guard him alla time.

And this am Billy - he am a silver Bengal dat was left behind. Billy found a human to look after him when he was kitten and furry sick with infected eyes. Now Billy am healthy and loved, yet lost some sight in one eye. Him human hope to find Billy a real home though... cause indoor kitties don't get along with him.

And more fings to purr about... several kitties went to vets this month...

Guero and Mama Narcisca both need purrz. Guero had PU surgery few years ago to help him go potty. Sometimes him gets a UTI. Mama Narcisca am having trouble wanting to eats and getting constipated.  They both seen the doctor last week. Guero had a shot to helps him feel better, but may still need antibiotics.

Narcisca had bloodwork done - all am normal range - her needs purrz to help her appetite.

And yesfurday, Chiquita jumped out of Mom's sock drawer too fast and hurted her right hind leg. Katie Mom and Uncle Mike went to the vets and had her leg checked out. Chiquita let Dr. J check her leg and him say not swollen...
but Chiquita am afraid to put weight on it and am hobbling around the house, so her am taking pain meds. If her keeps limping then will has to get x-ray. Chiquita was furry goods at vet and looked at Katie Mom to know dat everything okay. Dr. J like Chiquita furry much and hope her leg be better soon.  

Well dat da Mewz updates and lot of kitty selfies today.

Please purr fur Guero, Narcisca and Chiquita that they will get better furry soon...


Purrz from Angel II the Mewz Repurrter,
Katiez Furry Mewz.

P.S. Me will repurrt more mewz when we gets more commints.. and turkey. Bear say not til he gets mor chicken... so ifs you can figure out how to commints and give Bear Chicken and me some turkey... den we will posts agin.

-Angel the Formerly Fetch Kitty.


  1. Wow, lots of great things going on for the kittens... new homes are such a great and important step for these guys. I do hope that everyone that is poorly gets over their problems asap. I hope that Chiquita wont go doing any more jumping like that again, I bet it gave everyone quite a turn! Roo is such a hero and Billy is gorgeous, I hope he gets his new home very soon, too.
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. I will be praying for these 3 in need of prayers. I am glad the kittens are going to good homes.

  3. That was a good report and tons of purrs to those that need it. Sister Zoe is going to a specialty dentist in the morning. She quit eating too and last time it was a teeth issue (below the gum line). Everything else was normal too so I just wanted to mention that for Mama Narcisca. Roo is totally adorable!

  4. Lovely kitties!

    Sending purrs and hugs
    Athena and Marie xx

  5. Packin' up a box of extra-strong healin' purrs as we speak. They should arrive this afternoon. No need to sign for delivery. PURRS

  6. st francis' blessingz two ewe Guero, Narcisca and Chiquita; all wayz..... N all de veree veree best two ewe wee onez in yur new homez....happee gotcha dayz all round...roo....ewe iz one total lee kitteh ~~~ !! ☺☺♥♥

  7. Roo is THE most beautiful cat EVER. God bless you Roo.


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