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Friday, April 28, 2006

Got Prozak?

"In order to laugh at something, it is totally necessary:
1) to know what you are laughing at
2) to know why you are laughing
3) to ask some people why they think you are laughing
4) to jot down a few notes
5) to Laugh
Even then, the thing may not be cleared up for dayz."
-Robert Benchley
.(from the Introduction in The Great Movie Comedians by Leonard Maltin)


  1. A comedienne on prozac and a Jewess in therapy...

    Hey give me that back... that's mine!!

    Boing gaboing boing boing... crash brake.. shatter...fall down.

    Katie, stop pushing bowls down stairs... They are not bounci ballz, honest. (giggle)

  2. That'll teach you to leave the Prozac laying around. :)

  3. have you ever laughed so hard you really couldn't stop? or rather you had a great deal of difficulty stoping.


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