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Friday, June 20, 2008


Ooooh-tay. Dats not exactily whut Ize ment.

...Sumtings not rite here....

Okay.... While Tech Suppurrt iz werkin on this here foto problem...

Weze gots sum news.... If we kins sine dis here quik claim deed on July 7th den da bank will helps us wif moofin expenses. Uverwize dey iz furrclosin on our howse aftur July 7th. And our furry nise lawyer will haf ta helps us gets a latur moofin date but wif noh moofin helps... (weze gonna makes him da good guy in our moovee film stuff)

Sohs weze gonna be moofin furry fast...

And us Kitteez iz gonna bord wif dr. johnson cuz our new house ain't reddee yet. Dis old house dat our great grand Nana Mawmee had iz furry old (likes a hundert yehrs) and needs fixin work.

Mawmee gonna takes evfurryting inta storidge and den Mawmee gets ta figure outs wher she gonna stay til da howse is mooov in able.

Dis Here iz Good Newz... Todays at 11:00 am, a furry kind bean iz gonna cums see Leo and see ifns hims a gud fit fur dat fambly.... So purray dis here furrever home fur Leo!!

Weze nots gonna get to go to Gree & Othello's reception on Chatzy cuz its at two here and weze gots fixins at da new house ta do.

Next Week all tings go into storidge.... On Thursday, July 3, Weze go stay wifs in Dr. Johnson's kitty motel....

Aftur July 7, weze mites get silents awhile.... Mawmee will tri to post sumpins or email KC at da Cat Blogosphere.


Katie Too and all my sibbies.

(Oh.... Looks like tech supurrt found the rite fotoh...)


  1. KC said...
    Well, that's some skedule. we's gonna miss you's tomorrow, but haffing a place ta stay is furry impawtant.
    Love tha last pickshure.
    Keep in touch wif us, pleeze.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. we hope your transition to your new home is as easy as it can be and will be sending you purrs for this stressy time! you can always do the hula at a later date for Gree and Othello...I am sure they would love that so much xxx

  3. Sending you the best of luck that this all works out right for everyone involved. Moving is so stressful, don't forget to look after yourself too Katie's Mawmie. I hope Leo is a good fit for that lady and he gets a greta new forever home!

  4. Smooches to you. Moving is hard. We will think good thoughts for all of you!

  5. We hope Leo gets a wunnerful forever home. We'z be purraying dat yoor mom can get into da new (old) house fast cuz liffing at da vets is, well, yuk. We know dey love us kitties and all da beans will take good care of yoo but still, it's not da same as being home wif da mom. And really, our mom hates moving so she feels fur yoo guys. We sure is gonna purray hard fur yoo guys...we'll try to hula in yoor honor at da wedding.

  6. we hope eferyfing goes grate in yur mofe. wes be checkin back so we'll know when yur back in tha blogosphere and we hope all goes well wiff yur mofe and all. we hope yall adjust well (we hafe 2 here that freak at any change, a new couch "uuuugggghhh"). so we hope eferyfing goes smoothly and hope Leo gets a grate new home.

  7. We are so sorry for your having to moove. If we lived closer Mom said she would helps with the moove. Best of luck and God bless you all.


  8. we are sorry you have to move. we will send many purrs and prayers that it goes very smoothly. Take care all.

  9. Hope the move is purrfect for you. My mom has moved four times since I came to live with her. Things do work out.

  10. Moving is a little bit stressful. I hope all goes well for you, and you find a new home that you like even better!

  11. You sure have a sense of humor in the midst of moving/picture chaos. :)

    We checked Leo on Catster. What a rotten thing for someone to do to such a sweet boy. We hope he finds a forever home with these folks.

    You know our purrs, prayers and tail wags are with you.

  12. We moved last August. It wasn't too bad. Snopervising is hard work, but you get to sniff out new places for sunshine and stuff afterwards.

    Good moving day!

  13. I did not get to go to the wedding or the reception too. I hope everything goes smoothly for you during the move 'cuz it sounds as if you'll be very busy!

  14. I really hope that the move goes smoothly for you. I also hope that Leo gets a great new home.

  15. Those pictures are adorable. And we also hope your move goes smoothly, cuz we know how crazy that can get!

    We'll keep our paws crossed for Leo, too!

  16. Oh, I am so jealous! My driver's license was taken away a long time ago! ;-)


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