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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Purrteee Pleeze!!

PURTEE PLEEZE!!?!?!?!? Sends us your writin helps n cuestionz and Compootur problemz??

If any beans knohs a reel plase ta works online frum home? Tanks u!


  1. Mommy haf been looking fur dat too, work from home stuff dat is. Der are an awful lot of scams out der...

  2. Spirit and Ezra sez... In a few weeks Momma may need help with the typing and formatting of a screenplay for a class. Maybe your Mawmee will be able to help.

  3. Katie - mom has a friend that had a list of work from home places, but mom can't find it right now. We asked our friend to send us the places and as soon as she does, we will send it on to you.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  4. Try these two links, the mom has had them in her bookmarks but hasnt done nefing bout it BUT her dad did and he is now a work at home customer service rep.

  5. Katiesz mom: beolw iz sum info on sum werk at home sites. #1 charges a $50. fee but weve heard itz actually legit. this is info that someone we know sent us in an email . she actually does #1 and makes gud money at it (she says).

    1. Liveops - they are an inbound call center that take calls for infomercial and commercials, the back ground check fee is $50 now. (was $30).

    West- (NO FEE)
    Uhaul- Go to this link:
    Then in the Keyword or Job Title box, type: e-hotline
    Then in the Job Category, chose: Select All
    Then click the Find button.
    It should then pull up a page with several jobs.

    If you go to this site: registering is FREE you will find great leads, look under the topic WORK AT HOME you will find a list of companies like the ones I mention plus more and go to each company links it will tell you how to apply and what people are saying about it. This site I read like my "bible" it has a WEALTH of information that will help you find jobs.

  6. FANKS!!!!

    Weze gonna luks up dis stuffoms fur Mawmee!

    Katie Too.

  7. oh also check with focus group companies. google focus groups and your city and state and look. theres 4 companies where we live. our mom books for 1. you might want to check and see if they have any booker spots or if they have any focus group lists to get on. focus roups are a fun easy way to make extra money sometimes cash. yu can only do so many in a time span but you can do for each company so it gives you more to work and your grammy can do it too. it sounds crazy but once you do one your hooked. trust me. its been dead in our area lately but they do come up and always need new people. and if your good and show up and all you will be reused. if your scheduled but cant go just call teh recruiter and tell them as opposed to just not showing up. we dont reuse peeps that just dont show. and of course you have to just keep calling your recruiter once every couple of weeks to see if they have what you qualify for (we use certain demographics each time). but jsut call the companies and get on there to be called list. its not a job but its quick easy money.

  8. we say booker spots too/recruiter spots for focus groups. its a good job and easy and fun way to make money. you actually call the people to sign them up for the spots.


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