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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daizy Tailz on Toosday: Silly Shoo Clurks

Hiya! Dis iz Daisy! Ize posted a furry funny sample entry fur da Furry Funny Fotoh Contest! Pleeze Goh chek dat out!
Bout Katiez Mewz Yesturday Katie onlee gotted too commintz! I tole Mawmee Katies blog too long. Still datz impawtant noos! Pet oxygen masks fur kittehs n doggies! Our Firefiturz gotted 12! The Invisible Fence Company of Central Kansas will donate 30 morh reel soon! Our city now offers free pet adoption fur families who lose pets in fire. More bout dat here: Saving Pets in Fires

A Tabby Boy Findz Sheltur Katie say a Mawmeez werks neffur dun... Guess she rite. Dehr waz a kitteh cryin under da back porch. I goh tell Mawmee sumbodee iz cryin out dehr! Kins I goh out side? Mawmee hurd him cryin soh she made me stay inside (pooh). She wents out and meowed wifs him till he comed out frum hidin! Him iz brown tabby skinny boy and oh soooh hungree! Him freezin n shiverin! Boy duz he talk alot and wants ta git his nose inta evfurryfing! Furst I liked him, but him pushie and Ize da pooshy one! ...Mawmee callz him Maxwell Tigger cuz him smart n silly too. Maxie ated lots and lotz. She gaves him vitaminz, warm blankies and box in bafroom. Hims gots hoo hahs so us young gurls gits supurrvised visits. Dat meens hims in colder room frum heetur. Bafroom iz warmur din outside wif leven degreez sleet n stuff, but Mawmee gots ta sort out how ta keep him warm and get hims hoo hahectomee. We gits fotohz uvs him furry soon.

Now Ize tell my tattle tail.
Da Case uv da Silly Shoo Clurk.
Dehr onse was a Mawmee, but not in Franse. Hur lived wif hur babeez behinds a furry bad train wher dey triez ta stay warm wif one heetur n noh furnase.

Now she waz lookin fur sum warm wintur shoos and wentz too a Famous Footiez outlet storh. She saw dey had da same shoos she botted afore frum Kohls dat was made by Skechurs. Hur thot now deze here shoos cant be bads a thurd time! Soh she tried dem on, botted dem and walked out uvs da store wearin dem!
She hads one morh plase ta goh and dat was da postie offise. She walked in to gits our mail frum da postie box and notissed sumpin wrong wifs da rite shoo! Hur inner ankle on da rite foot hads no suppurt. Hur foot was cumin out uv da shoo! She stood dehr and compaired! Da opening on da inner side uv da rite shoo was cut too low - but da inner side uv da left shoo waz just rite! She finks oh noo! Not again! And why da rites shoo fur three timez? And alwayz sumpin diffurint?

It was late thurty, soh she tooks dem baks da next day! Dey lets hur return dem, but dis iz whats da silly clurk said: "They are not defective. The cut on the left side of the right shoe is the same as the left side of the left shoe."

Den Mawmee say, "No... shoes are opposites of each other. The inner side of the right shoe can't be the same as the outer side of the left shoe, unless you have two left feet!"

Da Clurk shrugged. "Well I dont know why they made the shoe that way," and he set them aside to put back on the shelf!

Well dats my silly tail fur today. Mawmee say "Here's ur sign."

Bye Bye,
Daisy May Daffodil.


  1. We are working on our entries for the funny photo contest!

  2. Furst, we'z sorry dat da athletik werks shoes don't fit yoor mommy cuz dey is good fur being so dang cheap. Now we know dat mom is neffur gonna buy sketchers cuz dey is crap, well, dat's da word she used. Dis starving boy kitty, he's gonna stay? Did one of yoor brothers over da bridge send him? Wow, he was purrty smart to find yoor house.


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