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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundaes n Furry Boxes n Stuffomz

Hiya evfurry buddeez.... babeez n beanz.
Dis iz a furry boxie update frum Katie Too, Offishul spokespurrson fur Kat Renee Purrducshunz.

Furst uvs all -- da secondz boxie came frum KC n hur Mawmee!!! We shows dat purrtees soon - Dat second boxie gotted toofie brushez init! Petzmart sented us goggie... umm... doggie brusheez. Why dey doo dat? Weze not goggeez! Weze gotted small toofeez. Sohz Mawmee wents huntin to da Pets Smart store n traded fur Kitty Toofie Brush kits!!

Herez sum fotohz of da furst boxie. Here iz da KC button weze founded in dehr....n a calendar wif kittees onit... lots of kittees onit.and A big KC Shurt dats Mawmee wearz... its furry bigs ---
- two uv Mawmees kin fits in dehr!!
Here sum bean stuffoms dats waz in da box... Mawmee gave sweat suits n thermal fashun tops n large petite sweat pants to granmawmee. Hur needed dems ta werz ta go plases likes ta see doctur dentists n stuffoms. Dehr waz a green blankie fur granmawmeez bed sohs Auntie Bibi coulds snuggle wifs Granmawmee.
................ Mawmee kept da pink kittee peejayz n go sleepy teez n da slippurs n leggee stuffoms.
How KC knoh Mawmee needed black tightz???
KC iz lookin at all da othur stuffomms: da wittel hangin kittee babeez, toyz, grass seedz, cardz, soap & oils fur makins da house unsmelly.... oh we played wif dem leppurd ballz alreddy. Bootsie tooks da fethurs off!!! Now fethurs iz in Mawmeez dressur drawerz!! Auntie Bibi claimed da twitter twirler -- dats why only da card fur dat toy iz dehr.... KC on da TeeVee iz askin da kittee babeez... wher dids da twurler goh??? Da kittee babees repurrttin dat Bibi gotz it!! n She hidded it frum da flashy fing! (we shohz fotoz uv Auntie Bibi, da tabby tuxie reel soon...)

Now MAWMEE IS catfienated!!!!

Deze hear bagz dey gohz in Mawmeez big blu bag soh she knohz wher all hur stuffomz iz!!! Fanks!!
How KC knoh she needed demz????
Haves a sunnee Sundae!!
wif chocolatez on tops.... Katie Too

Purr Exxes: Dat nu Sunbeam heetur iz now Howse tested by Dr. Katie n hur furry assistants, Ms Daisy May, Bootsie Woo n Mousie. Dr. Katiee recommendz dis heetur fur warmin babees sayflee (Werks on less den 15 amps!! no braykur problemz!! ) and dis only 40 green papurs at Walmartz!! =^..^=


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  2. About da deleted commintz ... We dontz axcepts spam linkees.

    bye bye.

  3. Wowie, you gotted it. Yay. You can fanks Daddy Charley's big sisfur, Jean, who sends us so much nice fings. And we's happy to share stuffs wif such nice beans.
    Love & Purrs,

  4. What a wonderful box of great useful things from KC!

  5. That was so nice of KC and her family to send that stuff onto you. It's great that the heater worked out okay for you to use without using too much power.

    Purrs to you all,

    Gypsy & Tasha

  6. What a wonderful box of treasures! And I am so glad your heater is keeping you cozy! Have a happy Sunday.

  7. Oh fanks fur stoppinz bye!!

    Mawmee iz furry silly... she thot she botted a turtel nekx sweatur n shez a memburs now dat she putted in bax even thoh it waz onlee 4.50 green papurs -- and she botted foodiez fur us babees insted!

    Katie Too

  8. Nice goodies!!! I think you kitties can have a good round of fun now :)While you play,your Mom can enjoy a coffee in her neat cup!!!
    Stay cozy kitties :)
    Purrs Mickey

  9. That is a nice big box of things for everyone, I like your mums coffee mug, was glad to see you all receive some things, it lifts your spirit.

  10. Those were very nice things that KC sent you. We are so glad that the heater is working out so well for you. It is very important to be warm enough.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

  11. We are stopping by to say thank you so much for stopping by our blog after our Sen-Chan went to the Bridge and saying nice things. We very much appreciated your words.

    Tom, Tama-Chan and #1

  12. Yoo gots a box on the way soon! Let us know when yoo gets it. =)


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