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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Kwix update n Stuffoms

Hi ya Effurry buddeez!! Dis hear iz Katie Too, Jr. Comik CEO of
Da Katie Katz wif a kwik update!
We gotted our donates button configured out!!
Tanks to all uv our frinds dat walked us tru dat!!

Our bruver frind Mike tooks fotohs fur us
uv dats furry big box uv stuffoms from KC
he tooks dem to Walgreens fur defeloppin-

n he tooks Mawmee food huntin n fed Mawmees n our Granmawmee
n feds Mawmees big rumblee go bye bye fing!!
ooh.. Mawmee say dats a car...
it gotted furry hungree n needed nu taggin...n Mikie fixed dat too!

n Now Mawmee gotted a big shirt wif
KC offishul Repurrter on it!!
n weze gotz a button dat sayz dat too!!
Soh guess we betturs gets doin ofishul
guest repurrtin stuff.

oh n Mawmee donts wants ta takes ta shurt off... its catfienated!!!
andee wayz uze gets ta see what dat meens furry soon!!

Luv Katie Ann Kitty Too.
Offishully Certified Eccentric n Ornery
jus likes Mawmee....


  1. Good news about the button. Concats to your Mom for getting it all set up.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  2. I knew someone out there would be able to help you with that darn button. I have more trouble with the "donate" buttons. So glad to see it up, that should get you some real help.
    Hee hee, I forgot I had a KC Reepurrter Shirt, so glad you like it. And all the other things, I hope you can use them all.
    Love & Purrs,
    ML & KC

  3. Dat is so cool dat yoo gots fings goin together now! YAY!!


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