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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pavlov's Cat X-Speermint

Hiya! In July we gonna havs a 4 yehr Bloggiefursari!
Hehr iz dis storee dat postid bout three yehrz ago... We finks u all will likes it agin.
Hope effuryone hadz Hoppy Holidayz likes Eekstur, an Pashovfur, an Rezoo-rekshun Day n Stuffoms like dat.

Bye Bye 4 nao
Katie Too.
-- Katie Too'z Lamp x-speermint, 2006.
(We sendin owts a noo email...n givin awardz away dis week!)
Pavlov’s Doggie x-speermintz bin publisht afore…
Day 1: Rang Bell
Dog 8 food.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Dog 8 mohr food…

Day 3: Rang Bell
Dog 8 mai leg…

But dehrz not mush publisht bout himz cat x-speermints til nao.

Day 1: Rang Bell
Cat twitcht himz earz n goed 2 sleep.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Cat went ta answur door.

Day 3: Rang Bell
Cat telld Pavlov, “Dehr iz a bell ringin.”

Day 4: R
ang Bell
Cat put paw on bell. Bell make thunk, thunk, thunk noize.
Day 5:
Pavlov wents ta ring bell,
But Cat tookt battreez owt.
Day 6: Cat Rang Bell.
Pavlov 8 food.

-Eddie Izzard, Host. Wembley, "We Know Where You Live," Amnesty International
Anniversary Celebration (His Day 1 for Cat--slightly diffurnt)


  1. what an adorable picture.

    ' future so bright i gotta ware shades ' .

  2. We will be ready to celebrate your 4 year blogaversary in July!!

  3. I think that picture is so cute, I will make sure I remember your four years.

  4. Haha good thing Pavlov had a doggie and not some smarty cat like you!

  5. Cute photo - we love that story about Pavlov - good thing for him that he only wrote about experiments with dogs. Looking forward to your 4th blogoversary,


    Gypsy & Tasha


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