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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mom Needs Writing Helps!

Mom just started a Hub account! Here iz hur furst funny little post. (

But hur iz having sum writerz block stuffoms...

She woulds luv suggestions on fings to writes!

You kin request a hug... I meen hub wif dis linkie: or leve us a commint!

We wood furry much likes dat cuz Mom luvs to writes more den she luvs tryin ta sell stuffoms.... Seems dat Hubs kin be goods as an Online jobbie?

We doo havs sum Stuffed Lion Babies, a Hamley Teddy frum England and a
Bearington Kitten who need noo homes!

Momma said dats we gots to pair down to be reddy to move (again?)...

All reezonable bids will be considered, as long as you iz willin ta pay fur dehr shipping! Morh about dem ats our
Auction stuffoms blog!

Luv and purrs fur Daisy's Babies,

Katie Ann Kitty Too
who wants hur Mom and bedroom back!!!


  1. I do not know what a hub account is all about. I will go check it out.

  2. So cool! I'll check it out, and if you need any help with hubs, I'll be glad to help you. Have you set up your Amazon on there yet? Don't set up eBay on HubPages, because eBay's just changed its terms of service, but Amazon and Google still work great.

    If you have enough time, or want to, check out the 30 hubs in 30 days challenge.

    Oh, and be sure to add in your URL tracker to all web addresses you link. You'll earn extra money from it then. Go to your account and then URL trackers, and set up a tracker. Then insert it like this:

  3. Howdy! You had asked about enterin' your picture in the Do the Q! contest, so here's how you do it:

    How To Enter:

    Take a picture of yourself in one of the two poses and post it here by logging into the contest page as doingtheq AT gmail DOT com, with FullMonty as the secret word.

    If you need help postin' pictures please let me know on my blog.

    Please post your name, pose, year and blog address with your picture-example:

    Millie Full Monty 2009(

    If all else fails, you can email me your pics and description and I'll post it for you. :)


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