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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving n Stuffoms

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
From alla da Katie Katz
Give thanks to the Lord cuz him iz goods.
He gives us our daily cheezburgerz....
cuz hims mercy endurez 4evur

Say KTHANKX to Ceiling Cat bcuz He duz nice stuff to ppl an kittehs.
An He luvv us for alweyz
-Psalm 107:15 Lol Cat Translation

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joy Joy Joy 4 Caturday

Oh Hai! Bootsie rolled on da keybord and changed our linkie!
To ! iz now our old "Got Chutzpah" bloggie!

Now we jus have ta move our bloggie list...
dey didnt cum wif da moovin...pooh, but we didnt lose dem yay!
If u iz subscribed to us, please resubscribe to the new address.
type in

Ta cellybrates moovin we founds dis here moovie fur Caturdayz!
Purrz, Da Katie Katz Gang