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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joy Joy Joy 4 Caturday

Oh Hai! Bootsie rolled on da keybord and changed our linkie!
To ! iz now our old "Got Chutzpah" bloggie!

Now we jus have ta move our bloggie list...
dey didnt cum wif da moovin...pooh, but we didnt lose dem yay!
If u iz subscribed to us, please resubscribe to the new address.
type in

Ta cellybrates moovin we founds dis here moovie fur Caturdayz!
Purrz, Da Katie Katz Gang


  1. We're glad to hear from you again! We've made the linkie change too. Joy-joy-joy!

  2. Cute Video!!!!!!!!

    We want to thank you for attending Sammy's birthday bash yesterday......

  3. I'm really short of time, so I didn't watch the video, but thanks for letting us know about the URL change. I'll update my bloglist right now.

  4. My sisters and I were just stopping by to say hello and to check out your new site...very cool indeed!!!!!!

  5. Well helllloooo! We been furry bad bout owr links for a long time but we'll add yoo if we can. Haf a grate day!


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