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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update on Miri's condition

Miri is such a sweet baby.

This afternoon, had to tried another bit of albuterol sulfate. I used a water bottle with the bottom cut off. I put the spout on her nose and sprayed the dose into the open back of the bottle.
She didn't like it, but still breathed in a small amount, which was all she needed. She took off after the inhalation dose (my towel wasn't snug enough.) She went to her pillow on the chair and I loved her and snuggled her into a bigger towel.

I put a bit of Mentholatum on her upper lip. In a few minutes, her breathing calmed down to where I had to put my ear to her chest to hear her.

The Mentholatum was the biggest help, since she took off after the inhaler made a noise and didn't get much of the dose, which was okay. (Albuterol can make the heart race, so only a tiny amount for little lungs.)

I found out that Eucalyptus oil is okay for cats to breathe who have asthmatic symptoms. I'm going to get a small bottle from Whole Foods Association, a local health food store. (not related to the large Whole Foods Market Chain) I also read that Marshmallow and something called Inula helenium (elecampane) is okay for cats too and helps in calming the lungs.

Whole Foods Association carries marshmallow, but I have no idea about elecampane.



  1. We just made a donashun to help out sweet Miri.
    I's haffing an aukshun starting next week to help her and all her brofurs an sisfurs.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. Best of luck with her, we hope she feels better with your TLC and meds...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Poor sweet baby. We are purring and praying for her to get well quick. With all your love and care she is sure to feel better.

  4. Big purrs going out to little Miri, and the rest of the babies.

  5. Poor sweet Miri, my sister Gracie has asthma but she uses a rescue inhaler, helps her bunches!

  6. Oh, poor Miri. It must be hard to be so small and unable to breathe. We hope she will be all right. Jan says she'd try the herbs too.

  7. Maybe you could spray the inhaler on your hand or finger and hold it in front of Miri's face/nose, or rub it on her lips/gums. Not quite as good as the inhaler directly, but at least she would get some of the dose.

    Purrrrrss for Miri

  8. Poor little girl! I am sending her loads of healing purrs to help her hang in there while you work on helping her with her condition.

  9. You are doing such a wonderful job helping out the kittens.

    My mom received her special surprise in the mail on Friday and she had the biggest smile on her face. Thank you so much!

  10. Miri is such a little sweetheart. With Teddy's asthma, one thing we found really helped him was steamy vapours. If he had an attack, a couple of pints of boiled water in a bowl, one teaspoon of Tincture of Benzoin (Friar's Balsam) set down near where he was, really helped his breathing. Friar's Balsam is very soothing and gentle (and cheap - pharmacies and wholefood stores sell it in the UK) Obviously don't leave the hot steamy water alone with the cat though!

    Everyone is rooting for you sweet Miri!

    Whicky & Jane

  11. Mira, we are purring for you. Asthma is no fun. Our (human) Mom had it.

  12. Oh poor little Miri! We are sending her lots of purrs and prayers. I am not sure where to get the Inula helenium - if you have a Fruitful Yield near you I would suggest that, or if you have a big Whole Foods market they might have it if yours doesn't - they do carry a lot of herbal remedies there.


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