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Friday, July 23, 2010

Toby is Curly!!

Toby now has curly fur! Especially on hims tummy! Sammy's fur is getting wavy and even Miri is getting longer furs mixed in with her short ones. They don't seem too wavy though, still that is odd.

Some kind of Rexness going on here, which is a mutation. Well maybe that explains their adaptability to people! And will also help in finding them homes.

Still working on catching the other three kittens. Got an xxl crate and it is sitting outside right now. I put their food in and Maggie and the remaining babies go in and eat! The crate cost 60.00, but I hope to re sell it when I no longer need it.

(Had to scare an Opossum off the porch last night!)

Today is the day to buy the second round of worm meds fur Toby, Sammy and Miri.
And I will have to get worm meds for the other kittens.
Mom has had her first dose. So she will need her next round, too.
The round worm tablets are only 2.15 a piece at Mitchell's Vet Supply. Will give their tabs tonight.

Funny Video of Toby and Sammy.

Playing in the living room

Toby and Sammy in a box - they stayed in the box for nearly thirty minutes!!!

Toby finally jumps out.

No matter what we did, Sammy stays in the box!

More stuffoms later!
Katie Kat


  1. Wow that is funny that their fur is starting to curl and get wavy. They are cuties and that will make them even more so!

    WE hope you are able to catch the other three quickly!!

  2. They are so precious!...Good luck catching the other kittens...Happy weekend sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. These videos are so precious, that is definately Sammy's personal box!

    They look really happy and healthy, best of luck catching Mom and the others!

    Whicky Wuudler


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