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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Miri is a Sweet Baby

Hiya... It is now 2:22 am CST. Miri had a eucalyptus treatment this morning which helped. She started breathing easier. She doesn't seem to mind having a towel over her head and breathing in the vapors from a cereal bowl , as long as she is in my lap at the time.

She needed another treatment this evening, but her breathing didn't improve afterward.

Had to use the albuterol inhaler with the funnel I had made out of a water bottle.
I sprayed the inhaler into the wide part of the "funnel" first and then placed the mouth of the bottle over her nose while she was wrapped up in a towel.

What a sweet baby! As long as she didn't hear the noise of the inhaler, she didn't mind breathing from the funnel.

After about six breathes, she was "done," and moved her head. (The vet had me count to ten with Sandy... but he was a big boy.) I held her with her upright in my arms and her breathing finally calmed. She slept in my arms for over an hour.

I just put her the bathroom with her curly haired brothers a few minutes ago.
Toby and Sammy are such a silly handful. I am still amazed at their quick adaption to two-legged Mommies.

Gotta go check on her other brothers before I call it a night. They would rather huddle together in a hidey place like a carrier or a big box. They're still not sure what "Inside Land" is all about, but they do love chicken, which is helping their adjustment to two-legged Moms.
The white boys, Jordi (Blue eye, Yellow eye) and Jazpurr (the big baby) are calming down and getting used to being held, but Justin, the other black kitty is a furry little fighter. He is going to take longer to socialize. Good thing I'm used to strong willed kitties! Just wish Maggie their four-legged Mom had brought them to us the same time as the first three.

Love n Purrz, Katie Kat


  1. We're so glad Miri is getting her treatments from you and feeling better...Best of luck with all of them, especially her health...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Goodness. Just like human kids, when a furry is sick, you sit up with them.

  3. Well, it sounds like things are settling in well. It is so good that Miri is ok with the treatments when she needs them - she must know they are helping her!

  4. We are glad Miri treatments are helping. Poor baby, we are purring for her. Not being able to breath is no fun.

    We are wondering if you use a dehumidifier all the time. This seemed to help our human Mom not need treatments as much.

  5. Correction actually she used a vaporizer. We gets the two confused.

  6. We are sending lots of purr for sweet Miri!!! Mommy just bid on some items for her auction!!! Purrs and Prayers coming from uSSSSS!

  7. I just wanted over from the CB. You are so great for taking care of Miri! What a gorgeous little thing. :)

  8. We will go over and look at the auction goodies soon. We hope Miri will start to breathe better after a few treatments with the vapouriser.


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