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Monday, December 05, 2011

Miri had her Lady Surgery Monday!

Hiya Furry Frindz,

Dis am Lady Miri Gentlepurr... Ize just had my Lady Surgery Monday afternoon.

Dis am Monday nite and I'm driving the Mom crazy cause I wanted to run all over the place as soon as I got back home!!
I'm a little loud purr ball wanting lots of tenshunz (attention) and lovins and Mom is having trouble keeping me in the bathroom til tuesday morning.

I thinks the sleepy medz has gone to my headz!  Instead of being dozy like my brutherz waz, I'm all high and hyper....  So can you purr for me to calms down and be a goods gurl and not hurt myself?

Dere is a bits of red on my incision so pleze purr dats I gets all well wif no compurrlicatshunz... (complications).  Cause I do haves an auto immune purrblem sumtimez.

(Earlier this year her paw kept getting swollen along with her lip.  She had to have some steroid shots.  The doc just said it was an auto immune disorder.)

Purrz n stuffs to one and all!!!  Hope efurry onez had a goodz Thanksgiving!



  1. We're purring for a speedy recovery for you, Miri, with no complications at all!

  2. Hi there Miri, our Mahoney has to have her lady surgery pretty soon ans she will not like staying in the bathroom at all. We sure hope you heal up very fast. We are sending tons and tons of purrs your way. You behave yourself. Take care.

  3. Miri, we hope you are back to normal very soon!!

  4. Hey, Miri, sending lots of purrs and woofs for everything to be okay. Be calm for a few days.

  5. Miri, we are purring and praying for sure that you recover quickly. And with no complications!

  6. Wauwzaaa!! Miri youzzz are also a ferry good looking girlzzz! Hope you are feeling ok now! And we are following yourzzzz blog now! Lars and Odin


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