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Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy Efurrtingz!!!!

Mom has bin lazing around and moping fur morh din 2 weeks.... like she gets to haves a vacashun or sumpinz  sted of updating our blog!  And aftur we toles all abouts da upcoming posts dat nevfur appeared!!

Oh well.... guess dat's otay cuz herz bin all sick and yuckiez agin like last Christmouse and New Year!  Gee Mom... Cant you be goods fur onse and not catch coldz n Flu bugz?

Ur supposed ta catch mice!  Or better yet catch toys like dis here baby tiger!!

Oh wellz.... We hopes you ams having da bestest Hanukkah, Christmouse and New Yearz ever!!!!

Plz purr fur our Mom to gets all well! 

um New Years....

Tommy (aka Mickey Mouse Earz) and da Foster Kittiez:  Sammy, Miry, Toby, Jaspurr, Jordi, Boo Boo.
Katie Too and Da Katz Gang: Bootsie Woo n Maxwell Tigger

Purrz P.S.  Miri's mammary glands are slightly swollen. The vet said on rare occasions, some girlz do this after their lady surgery depending on the time of their cycle when the surgery occurred.  Plz purr dat hur glandz go down and no infection sets in. 
(And da Mom's surgery consult for hur mammary biopsy is January 9th.)   =^..^=


  1. We were by yesterday and thought we left a comment, but must have forgotten. Hope you had a nice Christmas. May 2012 be kind to you.

    Hope you are taking good care of your mom so she gets well soon.

  2. Happy New Year to all of you, too. We sure hope your mom is feeling better ... please take good care of her, okay?


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