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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Selling Painting Prints for Princess and the Gang.

Hiya! Princess waz having eye trubblez cuz her whiskerz were getting in her eyes!  So The Mom trimmed the long curly whiskers.  Course she left all da other ones alone.

Princes eyes am doing much better now.  Her am getting real feisty.  Mom tried to take her photo outside so she didn't have to use the flashy thing, but Princess jumped off the porch chair and ranned her little legs faster den Mom!! Dat waz a big chase for a little girl!

The Mom has prints of her furry first painting up on Ebay.  Bid starts at only 99 cents plus 2.00 shipping and handling.

Original was created in 1989 and is registered at the Library of Congress.

8x 10 prints are limited to 25 and will be signed, dedicated to buyer and hand numbered.


Proceeds from this auction will help da fostered cats, especially Princess the petite Persian find a new home.

Highest bid will be numbered (by hand) 1 of 25 - Printed April 2012.
 Second Highest bid will be numbered (by hand) 2 of 25 - Printed April 2012, etc. 

Katie and da Katz Gang.


  1. Wow, Princess' whiskers are really amazing. We sure hope your Mom raises lots of green papers for Princess and the rest of the fosters with her auction!

    Happy Easter to you all. :)


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