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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maxies Toesies and Sophie's Mommy

Hiya furry friendz! Me haven't wrote in long time... soh here am mai toes fur Tuesday.

Quite handsome, don't u think? Just about two weeks ago Mom got a surprise... 

well we tried to tell her, but she just couldn't see them... we don't know how they got in... but with all the rain and stuffs... they hopped right in and made us furry uncomfortable... and I got furry broke out.... 

Mom thought I was allergic to foods cause we just not has fleas in da house in like ages... and tooks me into see the vet.  Da vets found da flea dirts..but no fleas... and gaves me a shot called depro medrol or sumpin likes dat.

And Mom gotted me n Bootsie and Katie dat stuff u puts on behind our necks and boy did we feels better! And her washed da whole house wif natural smelly stuff. Good bye mean old fleas!  Dr Johnson said dat sum kitties breaks out from dem mean varmints... Ize didn't know dat... all Ize knew dat I wz awful itchy and tried to give dem mean things the bitey!  Here I am at the vets checking out the equipment and dis last photo am my tummy looking betters... still gots a long ways to go....soh please keep me in your purrz. 

Well in our To Be Continued...
Last Friday little Sophie met her forever Mom!  Our Mom Katie tooks Sophie to get her first checkup and her Mom Renee met up at da Vets!  
It was loves and loves at first cuddle! 

Sophie and Mom Renee are just settling in and dey loves each other lots! But that left Little bear all lonely... Soooh.... Mom Renee sent Mom Katie a text last night - dat her daughter wants to haves Little Bear!!!  Whoo- Hoo! Dat means him will get to see Sophie again and have his furry own Mom!

To Be Continued sum morez,
Maxwell Tigger.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Who is this Cutie?

Who is this cutie? Her name is Sophia and she is 5 weeks old and going to her forever home today!  (Weighing only 1.09 pounds!)

Two weeks ago on Thursday Sept 5, the Mom found 4 three week old kittens out in the heat by the side of a building.... Their kitty Mom was nowhere in sight.

Mom rushed home, got a carrier and some food.  Came back and fed these sweeties... who had been weaned by their mommy too soon (probably due to not enough to eat) and put them in the carrier and got them into a cool bathroom back home(Course when food showed up, kitty mommy appeared as well as other cats and three older kittens... mom left them food too. This pic of the petite kitty mom doesn't show her siamese-ness very well)

Two of the kittens are Siamese boys and two are brown/grey Tabby girls, the smallest girl being little Sophie. The two biggest went to their forever homes that same evening!

Here are the two largest in their forever home and after having their first bath!

This is the other Siamese boy. This shy little one had lost fur from being bothered by flies. Yet he found his forever home in two days... to a couple who always have a Siamese boy! The husband loved him at first sight, missing fur and all!

And at the same time, three of Angel's 5 week old kittens found homes, too! Big white kitty boy and her two white kitty girls. (pics next time)

So that left little 3 week old Sophie who needed some time to grow... and Angel's  big black kitty boy, aka Little Bear (see last entry), who was very lonely without his litter mates...

So Sophie and Little Bear have been playing together for two weeks now....  Little Bear is going to miss Sophie...

 To Be Continued....

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Cutest Kitten

 (Monday: After running around the room... Angel's little black kitten went back in the kennel, crawled up on the carrier and gave me the sweetest look! and then he went sleepy - 5 weeks old today.)