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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Angel and Little Bear Updates

ANGEL UPDATE: Spaying Furry Soon, then release to the outdoors.

Thursday, Angel was scheduled to be spayed... at the Kansas Humane Society.  But they required that since she was a feral... she had to be in a trap... well Angel has spent the last nine weeks looking after her kittens inside a kennel crate, with a kitty carrier for her bed...  Angel refused to leave the carrier and go into the trap cage... 

The carrier has become her security blanket, her refuge.  This intuitive girl placed her kittens in the dirt-filled litter box before a nasty storm hit hours later (while the kennel crate was on the patio) - and in that storm, lightening struck the telephone pole only yards away...  I gave up trying to make her go.  I not particularly fond of KHS, even though they have done a lot of changes.  One Sunday a month, they help Friends of Felines TNR campaign.  They have gone from saving 12% of animals that come into their doors to saving 85% since they have procured a significantly better facility.  

The only reason I was going to take Angel there was lack of funds.  They have a low cost program.  But like many other clinics in town, they do the "new way" of "wham, bam, here's your cat back, ma'am."  In and out surgery with little concern for the animals welfare afterwards...
So I'm going to take her to Mulvane Animal Clinic who did Joey's neutering. They still think of the animal's welfare - keeping the patient overnight in case of complications.  Although MAC does lower cost neuters starting at 40.00 + rabies at 15.00... spaying cost 70.00 + 15.00, (better than over 100.00 at other clinics in town).  Her FVCRP and deworming will cost more too.  Yet, Angel and I will get what we are looking for...a carrier to arrive in for her... and for me, Peace of Mind. 

 For the past several weeks, Angel and her kittens had been staying with a family member, as well as two of the kittens that I found out in the heat (the other two kittens found homes within hours being found).  After Bears siblings and the two kittens found homes (last one to find a home was Sophie), Bear just couldn't stand being without other young kitties.  Monday, I brought him over to my brother's house to be around Joey, Lulu, Laurie, Pattie and Uncle Doobie.  The first several days this week, Bear was getting along just fine, especially with Pattie (who likes being called Annie now.) They would play and play until exhaustion... I fed Bear separately though since he's only 10 weeks old this week and the others are 5 months.

Thursday early evening, after a big yummy meal of Beachnut turkey baby food mixed with Fancy Feast canned kitten, which has been his diet for weeks, Bear took a long nap under my chair at the computer... When he woke up more than half an hour later, he threw up all the contents of his stomach.  A couple hours later, he ate a little bit of canned food and lots of water.  Yesterday (Friday) morning, he woke up, went to the kitchen, walked around the bowls of food, hid under the potato bin and threw up again... this time only saliva looking.  I called the vet and made an appointment for about one o'clock.  Well about noon, he ate a third of a can of Fancy Feast Tuna (he wouldn't touch the canned kitten food or anything else.) and he kept that down... so I canceled the appointment.  But last night he had diarrhea... twice.  the second time he tried to have a bowel movement and the only thing that came out looked like thick mucus.

He refuses to eat anything since yesterday at noon and won't drink any water without placing it on his tongue. Will be calling Dr. Johnson as soon as he opens today and taking Bear in.  He has not had his kitty deworming yet.  That could be what is wrong... Please keep Bear in your prayers.

On both counts... if you could spare some funds to help Angel and Bear - May God Richly Bless You. (and I will draw your kitty if you send me a photo ... btw working on two right now from previous donations and will finish those when my hands are not so full of kitties needing homes!
If you would rather not use Paypal, please email me for my snail mail address at laugh_safely at

Other Updates:
Katie Kitty Too needs deworming. Got rid of those mean old fleas, but they left a yucky present behind...Maxwell Tigger is still having a problem with skin rash - very much improved though.

Doobie is doing goods with hims bad bowel movements. Tried him on several foods, especially corn free...oddly made his bowels worse... Now he is doing fairly well with Iams Adult formula with probiotics.

Katie Kat


  1. We are sending healing purrs to all the kittens, we hopes they are all well soon and that Angel's spaying goes well.

  2. Poor little sweethearts. We are purring hard that all will feel better very soon! PURRS...

  3. Sending purrrrrss to Angel & Little Bear. We hope you both recover from your V*T trips with no problems.

  4. Sending rumbly purrs and love to Angel and Little Bear, we hope that all are well again soon

    Mungo & The Ape

  5. No wonder you seldom post. You're one busy kitty foster mom!


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