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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Little Bear Furry Mewzday Update

Hey ya peeplez...

I ates alot today!  Whoopee!

Well Ize bin furry sicks since last Thursday when my tummy just not likes nuffin!  and all my foods cumz outs.

Well i trieds to be a good boy n eats stuffoms on Furryday buts my tummy not feel so good... but i waz a goods boy and thursty soo i dranks lots of water and ate a little bits of foods...buts i hads runny stuffs for going potty and den on Caturday i throwed ups agin but nuffin waz dere.

Da mom tooks me to see a nise man,
buts i no likes care rides as you can see here...

When we gits to da nise man's place (Dr. Johnson of Willowbend Animal Clinic), dere waz lots of noises cuz peeples was on da vet roofs poundin hammers... why dey do dat? dat noisy stuffs...  Mom, n Uncle Mikes n da nise man n me waz in dis room.  Mom gots my weight and I hads lost sum (2.97 at 10 weeks...)  but da nise man tried to looks at me and check my tummy and puts a weird thing in my rump... while all dis dum pound pound pound on da roofs!

So da nise man said lets all go outside!  yay!!! so back in da carrier i go... dis time i not mind too much cause i wants away from alla noise.  Well mom sits me in da car while da nise man talks to her bouts sumpin called deworming and metro sumpin pills (metronidazole).  da next fing I knoh some lady comes outa da buidling and put yucky stuff in my mouf dat i swallowed... pooh.  what dat? yuck!  and da nise man gives mom a bottle wifs sumfings init.

Den Mom and Uncle Mike gets inda car and we go to a big place.. and I gohs sleepy onda way there.  Well Mom wakes me up when her takes me in carrier inda building and puts it ina cart wif wheels so we go shopping fur sumpin i can eats.  I finks Mom called it Pet Smart... well i finks dey am dumb cause day lets dogs run around and scarez me.  soh i not want outa da carrier.

Mom founded sum can (Simply Nourish Tuna and Potato for sensitive tummies) and opened it and it smelled purttee good so she opened da carrier door and I peeked out and drank alla broth off da tuna and Potatoes.. buts dats all.  so den weze finally gets back homes after I told Mom and Uncle Mike who drove da car to TAKES ME OUT A DIS CARRIER!!! again... Guess dat told dem.

Den Mom gave me dis yucky bits of sumpin dat waz inda bottle da nise man gave her -  awful yuckiesi!  MoooM!  what dat fur???  but Ize sooh tired dat i fell sleep...  I felt like eatin a bits again dats nites.

Din on Sunnyday, da Mom gives me dat yucky pill agin but her used sumpin called a syringe and it wen right down!  well dat not soh bads so I hops away n finds da waters and drank and drank... I ates a bit bout twice... and some of dat Tuna and potato stuffs.

Soh well ize gettin tired of dictatin to Mom whats to writes...

Monnyday Ize told Mom to stops wif all da foods fur sicks peeple and gives me back my Fancy Feast!!  Soh din I ates about three times yester day but just spoonf ful each cuz tummies gotta heal ya know...  Well da Mom gave me dat weird pill thing two times yesterday.

And dis morning I wokes Mom and yelled "IM REALLLY HUNGRY!!! WHERE MY FOODS?!?"

Mom picked me ups and we gohs to da fun eating room (bathroom btw.. so the big kitties dont take Bears food)  and I shows her how hungry I am!!

See I ate a lot and it waz YUMMY! My appetite am all back!

Boy waz dats a bads weekend.  Mom waz all furry worried but I fink dats between me drinking waters and da nise man and liquid stuffs (dewormer) and da weird pills (still taking those) dats Ize getten much betterz!  Ize gonna takes a nap now.

See ya Later and thanks for alla da Purrz!!!

And thanks to a nise lady named Karen in Australia fur sending sum funds.  Moms gonna use it to help my kitty mom Angel get her spaying done.  Mom gonna get dat scheduled dis week.  (btw, Bears visit due to an office discount and a credit for a referral - waz only 34.00... =^..^=)


  1. Good job, Little Bear! Keep up that good eating, buddy!

  2. OMC, tiny little you ate that much of a can? You must have doubled in weight when you ate that! We're glad to hear you're feeling better after your bad, bad weekend.

    1. Bear ate the rest of that can in the afternoon and then ate 1/2 a can last night!

  3. Little Bear we are so happy you are feeling better and eating again. You keep eating up and grow big and strong. We love your song too!

    Mungo & The Ape xx

  4. Glad you are feeling a little better, Little Bear. Good idea taking it easy for a while. Empty upset tummies take a little time to feel better.

    Hang in there, kittie, we're still purrrrrrrring for you.

  5. You are such a cutie and i am glad you are doing some better!

  6. Darling sweet little one. PLEASE be well. I am so so sorry about your mommy. xoxoxox


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