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Thursday, May 15, 2014

URGENT Kitty Needs funds to save hims life

Update on Buddy....
The vet appointment has been scheduled at VCA Hospital in Tacoma Washington for tomorrow at 11AM, 1pm CST.  

Will keep you posted on his outcome.

Buddy started limping on his leg two days ago. Swelling started at the shoulder and now down his leg.. Possible that an abscess closed up.  Either way his leg has been injured.   Vet visit will be 51.00 and x-ray starts at 275.00.   Charlette, Buddy's owner, said that she and her mom checked around their town in Washington State, vets charges are all too high.

I am praying that Buddy does not need surgery ,but antibiotics and help to drain his wound.  Either way, Buddy's needs will put a strain on this family's income and they love Buddy so much. You can send funds here.
  ($225.00 at last check have been donated!!! Thanks so much!)   

You can also use my Paypal button on the side... with a note to help with Buddy. Paypal funds will be sent directly to the vet using PayPal card.

Buddy's needs were first posted on Facebook at a page to save Believe, a TV series on NBC.  The series is about a girl named Bo who only wants to use her special gifts to help others and the bad guys who want to sell her to the highest bidder (government).  

I believe in the show's message of helping others...

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=
Oreo Thankful fur Loves
I am so furry thankful Mom Katie and Uncle Mike tooks me in last December.  Me learning to be good boy.  Now that I'm nootered (three weeks ago) I am calmer boy now! Wow, I can thinks better and I loves thinking and talking and stuff!
I also likes cuddling with girl cats, laser toys and people! The Mom will post more about me later and how I'm listed at but first this very urgent mewz.


Buddy needs Surgery
While working to help save the NBC TV series Believe, The Mom met a another kitty mom named Charlette.  Her adopted a kitty named Buddy and now hims leg is hurted. Buddy was lost or abandoned just like Me, Oreo!  Something is wrong with his leg. Here am Charlette:

Buddy's swollen leg
"Buddy was a cat that had a home at one point and got lost or abandoned. We adopted him and him us.

A few days ago I noticed a slight limp. Thought he just hurt his paw, but a day later there was swelling around the shoulder then around his elbow, and now the swelling is down to his wrist.  We called the vet and she said it would be 1,000 if it just needed splinted but 2,000 to 3,000 if he needs surgery. 
Please Help Save Buddy's Life!!

My mom said if he stops eating and drinking and gets worse we'll have to put him down... 
(His previous owners failed him.  I don't want to fail him too...) "

Right now Charlette has a give forward account setup...

 the Mom will gets some direct info about the vet so folks can send greenies straight to Buddy's account.  If you are wanting to help directly, please leave a comment and email our mom at laugh_safely@yahoo dot com.  
In the meantime, click dis link to helps  Give Forward

Please help this sweet kitty with purrs and funds asap... and please share on every media that you can helps...

Purrz of love and thanks to all our friends who purred fur me and Toby and Lil Bear...
Now this kitty am in needs of you our friendz...

-  Oreo the Happy Cat and Katie Kat the Mom



  1. Wow that seems like a lot for what may be a sprain.
    I am thinking a second opinion would help a lot. We will help get the word out and see if we have any green papers to give
    Timmy and Dad

  2. I think they need a second opinion on this - sounds like it could be a minor issue - best get all the info before they do something this drastic.

  3. Ok - so we r woofiez butt we still care'boutz kittiez tue, egspeshally when they r hurtin' We talkedd with our mom an'she agreez that a 2nd opinion soundz like a good idea. A vet shood not b quotin'pricez B-4 he/she x-aminez the kitty - that iz unethical. At the most it wood take MAY-B sum minor blood werk an'may-b an x-ray tue find out what iz the problem. Like Timmy an'Dad sed - it cood just b a sprain which a good vet can d-termine by x-aminashun.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

    1. just found out the the xray is going to b 350 dollars. I asked Charlette, Buddy's owner and she said that her and her mom checked around and in their town in Washington State, the vets charges are high. However they are going to take him to the vet tomorrow and the office call will be free...

  4. I hope they can sort it quickly for the poor darling and they don't charge the earth for the treatment. I will go and see what I can do to help.

  5. We hope Buddy gets some help and we will share his plea.

  6. Meez be purrayin' dat evewfin' wowks out okay. Meez not hav munny, but God can still wowk miwacles.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  7. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and sending good thoughts to Rumbles - we sure appreciated it. He's home and doing so much better.

    We're sure purring for Buddy, he's a good looking boy.

  8. We're purring for Buddy! Hey, you asked about our camera. The photos you asked about were taken by our Aunt O, who just got a fancy new Nikon D5300. Most of the rest of the blog until now has been taken on either a smartphone or an older point and shoot.

  9. I so wish I could help. I saved a CRF kitty who was being neglected last year, and as her condition worsens, it's harder and harder to keep up with the vet bills. I also have another special needs kitty.

    However, we CAN purr and pray, so that is what we will do. We hope Buddy gets the care he needs. I know how hard it is to keep up with the expensive vet bills and truly wish him and his owners the very best.

  10. We can't help but we send purrs and tail wags for Buddy and hope he will be okay.

    Glad you are doing well, Oreo.

  11. About all we can contribute right now are purrrrrrrrsss ad purrrrayers, but we are sending those as hard as we can.

    "Best Friends" might be worth checking, if they haven't tried there already.


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