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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Help Ferals Stay Warm

Happy Thanksgiving from all of the Katie Katz!!

Doobie (Tabby) and Toby keeping warm

And Now Here's Something fun...

Can you tell what game show Joey is watching??

Some Furry Mewz For Purrz: Help this cats and caregivers be Thankful today!

Sweet Hannah ~ of Hannah & Lucy ~ is at the vets, and she may need urgent surgery for two torn ligaments!  She's coming home from the vet with special socks on! Please send your strongest and most caring prayers and purrs to Mom Sue, and to sweet Lucy, and to Hannah … that all will be well soon!  Stay with her blog for updates … thank you all for your purrz.  Hannah's Mom, Sue has helped us Katie Katz several times... please help Hannah with funds, if you can....

Sweet and beautiful little Georgie is still at the vets, and her vet bills have been so very high. Many of you know that at the Wildcat Woods, Cheri and family care for many ferals and abandoned kitties (just like us Katie Katz), giving them shelter and food and all the TLC they need.  Please help now, if you can!  Lots of wonderful items from Cheri’s own Vintage Treasures shop are up for auction with new items added all the time. Please stop by several times!
 And please, please spread the word.  Thanks so much!

Please Help the Philly Ferals stay warm this winter....

AS WINTER'S CHILL blankets the Delaware riverfront, Teresa Reed and Tracey McKenna are losing time in a race that could mean life or death for dozens of abandoned cats in a colony at Pier 70 in South Philadelphia.

Since a promised donation of new materials to build shelters for the cats on the pier fell through in recent weeks, the women - two among a group of people who care for the 30-some cats there - are scrambling to track down enough makeshift kitty shelters to protect the felines from the elements.... to find out how you can help, please read the rest of the story
Women Race To Save the Philly Ferals...

To help by donating, trapping or fostering the cats of Pier 70, please contact:


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to our special friends from all of us!

  2. A Very Happy and Nommy Thanksgiving Day to all of you from all of us ~ Ayla, Iza, Marley, and The Big Thing

  3. Happy Fanksgivin'. Weez not hav much and so weez wuld never purromiss to giv sumfin' dat weez kuldn't follow fwu wiff. Dat's just pawful to leave all those pawsum kitties oout in da cold...;literally. Weez'll be purrayin' fur them and all da homeless kitties out there. As me sed, weez not hav much, but weez awe so blest to hav such a wunnewful mommy and da warmff of a furever home and luv. Lots and lots of luv.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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