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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Please Purr for the Kittens

The pawsible home mentioned in a previous post didn't turn out... yet I am praying for the special family who contacted me.

Will be having some folks meeting Molly's kittens this weekend... please purr that these cuties go to wonderful furever homes...

Good Mewz - Bo O'Riley has a new home!  He will be going to keep a very special young lady company while her husband is deployed in the military...

Also I am selling photo prints... some are of the kitties.  25 Percent off until December 1st. I hope to post more photo prints during the sale.

If you might be interested, please see

Oh and please keeps my brother (from another, the kittiez Uncle Mike in your purrz... Several months ago, Mike lost his assembly job that he had for 14 years.  Now he's about to start a new job, overnight stocking and unloading.  Not the assembly job he hoped for and at a much lower pay than before.... Kansas lost their unemployment extension funds and his unemployment was about to run out.

Going to be a very tough Christmas for us kitties, trying to pay mortgages, utilities and keep the Katz gang in food, litter and flea meds. In fact, Lil Bear has been sneezing off and on with a kitty cold, too. 
BiBi needs purrs for her kidneys.
Nana's BiBi is still in need of much purrs as well... please see previous post.

Lil Bear has been sneezing

Please pray that Mike will be able to find a better job very soon and / or go back to school.  (There may be state funds available for retraining.)

More Mewz furry soon!!
See you fur Thanksgiving, if not sooner.

Purrz from Katie and the Katz.


  1. Weez'll be purrayin' fur sure fur all of ya Katie. Mommy usually fweezes sum nip fwuout da year so hers can get it out at Christmas and put sum in baggies and in ow stockins fur u. And hers digs wound in da toy box fur those long furgotten toys and wraps 'em in old calendar pages so dat weez hav purresents. And she buys a can of special noms, da spensiv kind dat usually cost hers a kupple dollaws and splits it tween us. She dusn't hav Christmas, but sez watchin' us is her Christmas. Hope yous all hav a gweat Fanksgivin'. Mommy bought us a special can of noms fur dat too. But da caw tags be due, so not much els. :)

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. Mommy has been unemployed and understands about when state help ends, although we live in Minnesota. She will be adding your family to our prayer list!
    Retraining might be a wonderful thing to look into. Mommy went back to school for 6 months after one of her lay-offs.


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