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Saturday, June 11, 2016

No Parking on the Cat's Chair.

Hiya Folks,
Silvia's Sign
The Mom am late wifs Art on Caturday cause her needed to puts Picture It on the XP side of this here computer dat am Uncle Mike's... 

and dat silly pooter crashed and we hads to re install da purrgram! All good now.
Original Sign
Katie Mom and Me, dats Katie Kitty Too, want to share an idea about doing some fun magnets fur kitty folks!

  Auntie Silvia found this furry interesting sign that says: "No Parking on the Cat's Chair."


Katie Mom thought the black cat could use a makeover... .

Mom and me puts our thinking caps on and made this graphic with Miri in it!
Miri am in the kitty heart on our banner.

Now we am wondering, whatcha all think? Would you likes us to makes some magnets fur you with your picture in dat?  We cans makes different sizes likes business card size and 3x4 size or even 6x8.

Be sure and ask your human Mom and Dad if they likes one.

We hazn't figured how much to ask fur them yets... so you all can let us know how much you would likes to buy them fur...
We sure coulds use the funds.  And This be fun magnet!

Auntie Silvia was sicks this week. Her and Uncle Alex having trouble getting works... One contractor tell Alex him too olds... and Auntie Silvia keeps getting turned down for jobs, cause her explains how that mean man made her lose her last job!

Uncle Mike gone to help fix their car and dems gaskets costed 80.00 - and we needs to pay Uncle Mike back so him can pay his bills and help Katie Mom buy litter and food fur us kitties. And now Auntie Silvia needs 40.00 fur insurance.  If Silvia and Alex nots gets enoughs works, Auntie Silvia may has to move and not be able to take her kitties...Where will they go? We is furry worried.

Any ways, if we gets enough responses, we tries to make these fun magnets furs you... just has your Mom or Dad send a photo of you to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. And you cans pay for da magnet using a buy now button here:
Dats way you gets discount on shipping... 

So dat looks like fun or whatcha think?
We gots the magnet sheets and a heavy duty Epson printer to make them on!!!

Katie Mom said she will make another example with a circle around Miri...
might look better since photo am only her sleepy head... mol

Katie Kitty Too
Junior Artist,
Katiez Furry Mewz
and The Purple Kattery Art Studio


  1. That is a great idea. If I ever have any extra cash, I will buy one.

  2. MOL..absolutely wonderful signs :D Pawkisses for a Sunny Day :) <3

  3. Well now Katie and awnty Katie, we luv it, but...Ya' gotta make sure you's not infringin' on somepawdy's copyright. Just cuz they didn't make magnets doesn't mean they didn't come up with da graphics and sayin'. As ya' know we can't afford to buy them, so we won;t weigh in on dat part of it, but we don't want ya' gettin' into trouble or owin' more than ya' make cuz of copyrights and such.

    Luv ya'


    1. yep... keeping dat parts with the "in the cat's chair" may nots make the sign different enoughs from the original. Katie Mom and Nana comed ups with a better design idea that starts back with the furst thing that am free to use... the No Parking Symbol! MOL... Weze gotted a betters idea and will show dats when da beta graphic am ready.
      Purrz, Katie Kitty Too


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