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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mitchel the Orange Kitty Went to Vets

Lil Mitchel after being founded.
Helloo again! Fur folks who reads on Facebook dats I wast losted... well I gotted founded Sunnyday abouts 5:30 pm... and I found out what my mew name am! - I ams Mitchel !!  My mew mommy named me after her pastor, Father Mitchel Zimmerman who am leaving fur another parish. 

Well I was just founded by the neighbors and being held by Auntie Katie's friend, when who should show ups to gets me? Why Auntie Katie! Then her tooks me to her house and I gots a whole room to myself... it has a funny big cold tub init... and flushy noisy thing... oh well. It all goods. I had some wonderful foods called Sheba Salmon.

...And then Monday morning I ated more yummy Sheba... and then I hads a runny pooh... on the tarp and cardboard in my room.  I'm still learning about litter boxes.  so in the afternoon, I wents to the vets and gots my furry furst checkups... I weighs 3 and a half pounds cause I growed overnight! 

I hads tons of fleas and the furry nice 

Dr. Johnson of Willowbend Animal Hospital helped comb a lot of them out.  

I gotted a funny vanilla liquids to eats... Auntie Katie said it fur dewarming...(deworming) but da liquids was colds... I don't know. Dey puts a funny liquids at the back of my head (Revolution). And  tooks my bloods... I iz negative fur something called looky me awww...?? whaz dat? (Leukemia negative hooray!)  

When I gots back to Auntie Katies house, I has good pooh in my litter box and long nap. (took back to vets for fecal sample - Katie Kat)

Purrz, Mitchel the Orange Kitten.


In other Mewz... Please keeps Auntie Silvia and her kitties in your purrz... later this week, the lady who helped rescue Mitchel will be interviewing Silvia for housecleaning work.  Silvia still needs 50.00 for today's rent and 43.00 for car insurance. If anyone cans helps, please see the button on the side of the blog or go to paypal and give a gift to

Purrz from
Katie Kitty Too
Junior Repurtter
Katiez Furry Mewz


    On mobile bad connection. Mitchel went to vet yesterday - did well. But taking back to vet now.. He's been throwing up and not eating... Please pray. Getting test for distemper.

  2. You are absolutely adorable Mitchel!!! I'm so happy you were found safe and am purring for you right now!!!

  3. We know Mom Katie is taking care of all of you but who is taking care of mom Katie? We hope things will go well for everyone.

    1. Thanks Jan. Adopted brother does his best... <3

  4. Thanks for your words of comfort when we lost Cookie and Moe. In time we hope our broken hearts will heal and we remember just the good times.

    Nina, Mindy, Mike

  5. Update on Mitchel: Negative for distemper! PTL! On Propectalin eating small amounts today. Unknown what is upsetting hims tummy other than irregular diet before and tons of deaded fleas. Still needs test for FIV.

  6. Awwwww we really hope this little furbaby is ok, sending mew all many healing purrs!

    Basil & Co xox

  7. I am glad Mitchell is doing better, he is a cutie.


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