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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Justin Memorial

Justin Boo Boo leaped to Heaven yesterday, June 9 at 1pm, Escorted by Flash the Hero Cat
and Puzzles' Spunky Bear (aka Boo Bear)

(photo mania supernova plus frame)

(lunapic editor)

Vet could not tell what was wrong. He had ulcers in his paws and lost weight.  Possibly auto immune disease... Yet he was eating. Too much on Justin's frail frame to run tests. He is home in heaven running free with Flash and our other babies there. I will always remember him as the little boy rolling around on the patio near his Mama. We will miss our fraidy boy who was rescued too late to bond well with people...

Psalm 36:6-7 "Oh Lord you save humankind and animals... how excellent is your unfailing love..." (paraphrase)

Thank you to those who sent money for his vet visit.
If anyone can spare some funds for Justin's urn - would be a wonderful blessing... (paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com using the gift to family and friends)


  1. We're so sorry to hear it was time for Justin Boo Boo to go to the bridge.

  2. Awww...such sad news. We are so sorry of the loss of your Justin Boo Boo. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you. RIP sweet kitty <3 <3 <3

  3. We're sad for you. Always hard when one has to leave. :(

  4. I am so sorry for the loss of this beautiful boy. XO

  5. Oh no, we are so very sorry and we send you purrs, hugs and all our love.

  6. So sorry you couldn't determine what was wrong with him and heal him. Thank you for rescuing him. It's never too late.

  7. We are so sorry that Justin Boo Boo crossed over. Many hugs and purrs and purrayers are being sent to you from all of us at Forty Paws.

  8. We are so sorry to hear about Justin Boo Boo, purrs of comfort and paws of sympathy from all of us here.

  9. We are so sorry.

    Rest in peace, Justin.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  10. Godspeed your journey to heaven Justin; we are truly sorry. We send hugs and loves to the family you leave behind ~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥


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