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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Justin Boo Boo is furry sick

Can you help Justin?

Justin is almost 7 years old but his health is not good.
He has been eating but cannot gain weight... 
He is a scaredy cat and hides most of the time. 
That's why his people didn't know how skinny he was UNTIL NOW
Will be furry hard to take to vet - 
Just the past few days has let me touch him.
He won't let my brother get near.
Think I found good vet that can handle him - bless his heart.
Will be making an appointment... 
going to need blood work to find out what is wrong.
And he can't take sedation...
I am hoping it is thyroid and can be treated

Only have so much Care Credit. 
If you can help him see the vet.
We want to save him if we can...
Please paypal a laugh_safely at yahoo dot com. 

Thank you from Justin and the Katie Katz.
Will update you on how he is doing... -Katie.


  1. blessings two ewe dood; we hope itz nothin seer ee uz....may bee ewe will take two kitten food fora bit { canned } itz high in cal o reez N can help with puttin sum weight bak on ~~~ ♥♥

  2. I wish I could help, but I just spent over $1,000 on my Snowball who passed away despite the vet care. I can pray though. XO

  3. Purrs to that sweetie. We sure wish we were in a position to help too.

  4. Poor Justin. We are sending prayers and purrs his way. He looks like such a loving little boy.

  5. We can help a little and send purrs and prayers too! Hope you get well soon Justin
    Timmy, Dad and Family


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