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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hiya Goliath

"The fool performs a sacred role in the community...
a teller of truth, standing naked in the marketplace, confronting the powerful, with playful disorder."
—Ken Feit


  1. what is the cat name goliath if so for gods sake don't name another cat david cos then theres bound to be trouble and last time i checked it doesn't end well for goliath.

  2. Great picture. I'm definitely gonna tell K to have a look here.

    Many blessings...

  3. noh... dah kittiez not bin nameded yet..

    but hez wittle and hez wookin at a big world wit chutzpah.

    bye bye.

  4. merci bien pour avoir visité mon blog. Je peux parler un peu de je sui desolé si vous ne avez pas trouvé quelque chose sour chocolate dans mon blog. Mais, Je suis mexicain et j´adore le chocolat.
    Well, i can speak english also. Thank you. But you know? a friend recently went to europe and he brought me a little piece of chocolat it was delicious.
    Vive la France!

  5. What a sweet baby kitten! Made me smile. Our cat Cinco is 8 years old. I think he's having a mid-life crisis. I will try to find a decent picutre and post it on my blog one of these days. Actually, the picture I have on there now looks a lot like him.

  6. you Spanish is prrrfect!! I understand you very well!! my English is poor,but try to learn! =^^=

  7. Oh my! How cute! No wait. I didn't say that. No brats are cute. Grumbles...

  8. I would have to say that cat is cool.


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