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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wacky Wet Wednesday

"I'm not afraid of drowning.
It's the breathing
that's taking all this work."
- Jars of Clay.

And no, I don't knohz deze kittiez...


  1. Poor kitties! The bath looks terrible!

    I loved the tuxie tuesday!


  2. you should try bathing a rabbit!!! i had archi spring outta the sink flying higher than michael jordan fortunately i caught her - she had a booboo and i had to give her a bath

    but the real reason i posted (saw your link on diva kitty's site) is the jars of clay quote - THAT IS MY FAVORITE QUOTE - man it's a great album (they are a great band) but that quote - so true so true... heaven would be easy, being here is what's tough!

    carri ann
    aka archi's mum

  3. Yep that quote just seems to go with Katie's wet kitty foto find.

    Sum dayz i feel stuck between theze two cats...

    Komedienne, LSVC.

  4. :-) yeah it does go perfect with that picture that's for sure and tho i am too sexy for my carrot it does get eaten! i only ever get 1 at a time a day so i have to savor them, mom doesn't want me getting chubby!

  5. whats dat??

    oh mommie getz wet and i dunno why she doo dat neefur. i likes ta play wit water, not be in water!!!

    and da punk cat... i just don't knohz. he's intursting.

    tanks fur stopin by!!


  6. Poor cats! I have to have weekly baths, but my humans don't put me in that much water!

  7. 'kay, we need to find da beans dat did dis and teech 'em not to tortsher der kitties no more. Tho, da punk rock kitty iz pretty kewl.

  8. Oh my goodness. Thank heaven I don't need baths!

  9. Thanks for visiting our bloggie! Maw sez to tell your mommie that it is very hard to have 10 kitties. Ten is too many. We fight a lot, and we make messes. And when an evil intruder comes to the window, we start screaming and throwing ourselves at the window.

    Maw used to foster and ended up keeping a bunch of the kitties with special needs and the ones she couldn't say good-by to. She doesn't foster anymore. Nope.

    Luf, Us

  10. I've never had a bath but I'm only 10 months old so I suppose it's possible it might happen someday. I think I'll keep my toenails in good condition!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Those tumbleweeds are nasty!

  11. baths for me!

    Thanks for your sympathy over my "weekend of starvation" trauma. I'm just checking back into the blogosphere after spending 4 days eating non-stop to make up for it!

    And in answer to your question...Walthamstow is in north-east London on the border with Essex.


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