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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Shalohm -- Weze brekin da code uv silense… kinda sorta. Mawmee cant talk bout dis strate owt or nuffin. Maw-mee needz sum enpurragement cuz our daddee purrson losted all hiz incum and iz in lotz of legal trubble dat weze cant talk bout. Weze gotz Public Dafendur helpin our Daddee Purrson n now Maw-mee had ta get attornee fur hurself too!! Datz iz just soooh Meow-shooganeh!!

Weze changin our bloggee ta help Mawmee bee tuff Mama Cat ta keep hurz housie and not give up da fite ta supurrt hur famblee. She scared dat weze gonna lose da housie and den wherz will weze bee??

Cuz uv life-savin enpurragement frum Da Belz (L&O:SVU), Mawmeez Big Bruddur uv Comedee, she iz lernin ta bee furry good Aktress n Komeedienne. She lernin ta be a Film Direktor, but she gotta pay billz n weze stuk in Kanzaz.

Oui (dats yes in French), Mawmee met profeshunal acting couple Richard Belzer & Harlee McBride. Mameez big bruddur Da Belz looked hur in da eye n made hur promise dat she not efurr gonna goh fall off da windoh ledgie and dat she use hur acting n funnee talent 2 da fullest potenshul !!!
Deyz gentle peeplez wit gentle doggeez sohz she not efurr gonna tell wherz dey met or nuffin. (Onse upon a time, 7 kittiez livd wit Da Belz!!) Richard n Harlee waz nise ta Maw-mee, but she got scardee kat and run inta da wall. Dey waz nise bout dat and jus laft wit hur. Help Maw-mee wit hur proh-mice by leevin purrayerz n advice bout our new furry funnee newz furmat! -- Merci Bohkooh, Katie Too.
OhTayz... 13 Thursday Tingiez Bout Da New Furmat.

1. Weze been hafin what Mamee callz a longz Cree-ay-teev Dry Time.
2. Weze Thurstee for sumpin inturstin ta doo.
3. Maw-mee iz gonna bee tuff Mama Cat n keep huntin fur jobbee ta suppurrt us kitteez n hur famblee.
4. Ta help Maw-mee not give up, weze gonna get serious now boutz reepurrtin furry funnee newz on da inturnetz...
5. Weze gonna make Katies Newz furry intursting and werk on new template stuff,
6. Weze gonna haf newz dat iz Furry Funnee.
7. Weze gonna find stoh-reez dat spredz Lafter n Smih-leez.
8. Maw-mee iz gonna find da CeeDee ta make da scanner printur tingie werk sohz we can putz up picshurz uv us kittiez
9. Weze gonna find outz how ta put ups Veedeeohz... (Video Catz, weze needz help wit dis one. Tank u!!)
10. Weze gonna repurrtz tingz wikes da lion dat luvz da reskuer. See da newz below.
11. Weze gonna repurrtz bout wher animulz help peeplez and peeplez help animulz.
12. Weze gonna ask folkz ta send in funnee storeez and weze repurrtz dem fur U.
13. Weze not gonna give up our housee to da bank!! Weze gonna find cree-ay-teev wayz ta soopurrt our famblee!!!

Otayz.... Datz all weze can tink uv rites now. And Ize gonna lurn how ta spel beddur. maybee. Watcha tink?? Weze lukin furr wurd ta da commentz!!

Tank U,
Katie Ann Kitty Too.
Jr. Comic Agent
Laftur Saftee Valv Cohmeeshun.


  1. Sounds like a great idea! Everyone needs a laughter safety valve!

    For videos, you need a camera that takes digital video that you can down load to your computer. Then get a free account on YouTube. You upload your video to YouTube. Then copy the html code YouTube gives you into your post. Voila, a video blog!

    Check out Skeezix's cat blog help at



  2. Yeah, I like your idea a lot! I can't wait to read more.


  3. I am sorry yer family is having a little bit of trouble. I am sending purrrs to you. I like yer Thursday Thirteen list. I am adding you to my linkies so I can come back and visit you some more!

  4. We like your TT also, and think efurryting will work out ok in da end.

    Uh, watz wrong wit yur spellin?

    Luf, Us

  5. Our bean is having the money troubles, too, so we knows what you're going through a little bit.

    We liked your TT!
    hang in there and try to find a sunbeam,
    Daphne & Chloe
    Purrchance To Dream

  6. We like your ideas very much. We hope your problems get resolved quickly. Hang in there, K?

    Our mama is a Richard Belzer fan too. Ever since Homicide!

  7. we likes your ideas too!! we will purray for your momma - our mommy and daddy bof is looking for jobbies too.

  8. We're sorry to hear things are rough right now. We're sending purrayers your way. Hang in there and give your momma lots of purrs and cuddles.
    Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey

  9. lots of hugz to my new friends i met last week - i'm sorry to hear what you are going thru. adding you to my prayer list

    i have a web biz that you might find a good way to make some income to help out - i'm doing pretty well with it and it's a pretty awesome deal - like affiliate marketing but i get the $$ for driving people to the site

    if i can help with that or anything else let me know

    cacassabaum {at} yahoo {dot} com
    aka archi's mum

  10. We think you have a wonderful idea and can't wait to see more! And we're sending positive purrs to help things get back to normal for you soon.

    & the Artsy Catsy gang


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