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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm a Tuxie Too Tuesday.

Yes it Toosdayz wher weze are, efin doh weze usin Franse time.
Weze bout 6 hourz behind Franse rite now
Mommie hadz long dayz to dayz,
but she found dis pixshure uv me when I waz littler.
Ize playin wit celery. I dont knohz why. Datz silly.
Bye bye.


  1. I gohz sleepi on da moneetur now... it late-thurtee 2zday nite/wacky wediesday!!

    Bye Bye.

  2. You are a very beautiful kitty. I am a tuxedo kitty too. You look very much like my sister kitty, Boo. She is also a tuxedo girl.

    Stop by and visit us when you can.

  3. It looks like celery is fun to play with, Katie. Maybe I'll get Mom to give me some to play with.


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