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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Maxie Invents Game


  1. What a smarty! Looks like fun from here!

    Maxie looks an awful lot like my Yukon and he loves to hang outside the cubes too :).

    ~Lisa Co9T

  2. Oh how fun! Maxie you sure do come up with some great games!

  3. I have a turbo track too lots of fun. Hugs GJ xx

  4. Mom keeps saying she wants to get that game but so far I haven't seen it. Do you play with it a lot Maxie? Mom is wondering if we would even play with it.

    Maxie, tell your Mom, Yes prayer helps. Our daughter bean was diagnosed with breast cancer in March and there were a lot of prayers for her from the cat blogosphere and they sure helped cause she is doing really good. She has radiation left to do and prayerfully she will be cancer free.


  5. Hai Maxie! Its nice to meets you, MOL hehehe I luvs your playings from da cube der. I has a Turbo Track dat I been takings apart everynight for da past 3 nights MOL hehehe


  6. Looks like a fun game, Maxie!

    We hope that you have a good weekend,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  7. That's really cool, Maxie. You can play with your Turbo Track without ever leaving your cube.

  8. oh hai!

    ifnz u wonderd hao to play leap out n whack da ball gaem.

    well furs u gotsta havs a ball n den u gotsta hafs wherh to hides like inna cube, baskit or sumpin.

    da ball kin be onna track dat helps too. whin ur bean push da ball taward ur hidin spot, u leeps out n whacks it!

    Ifns da ball is onna trak den dat ball goeded round by ur hidin plase and den u kin whack it agin!!!

    dats hao u play dat!

    kthx bai

    Maxwell Tigger,
    da game inventor.

  9. What a great game! Leap out and whack the ball. We have a cat who invented a game which is to bat a broccoli rubber band (thick) along the floor like a hockey puck! They are so clever.

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