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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

URGENT NOOZ and Found Postie Cardz


Please pass the word... Sweet Joey needs a home:

Lee Ann, of Wee Paws Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas, is fighting to hold on to the home they use as a shelter. The house has gone to the bank and she desperately wants to buy it before it sells. If you know anyone interested in helping secure financing and/or help via donations, please get in touch with Lee Ann. Anyone interested can contact KC @ for a lengthy letter explaining the situation. When she gets the facility, it will house 50 cats!!! If anyone has any ideas, please let us know!If Anyone goes to my Bonanzle booth and buys something... a portion of your purchase will go to help Wee Paws... We iz still figurin dats out. Mom iz nots so goods at math.

If you don't see something you like... let me know. I am very good at finding stuffoms!!
And we got lots more stuffoms to post up. You don't have to register. I take Paypal and Money Orders... We iz gonna try and hold an auction soon to helps! My Booth is

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

Dis am a short blog cuz we just hadsta tellz dis infurmayshun and we iz nots gettin paid or nuffin...

(2016 update - unfortunately, this booth does not seem to be available now)

Dis guy at Bonanza (dat an online flea market place) - John1011 - has kewl postcards to announce the newest members
of da fambly! We promised to let other cat bloggers know bout deze.

Here is one uf dem Postie wif your Catz photo Announcement

He's even got New Doggy Announcements
and Cat Sympathy cards and Dog Sympathy Cards! And he only wants 1.99 for likes 8 of dem. Deze are wonderful finds!!
Postie wif your new Doggyz photo Announcement

We hope peeplez cums see hims stuffs

Day iz ats a place called Bonanzle and you dont havta register to buy!!

Him only takes paypal doh... pooh fur sum of us.

But we just had ta tells sumbody!!
Oh do pleze chek him out!! Him loves dogs and kitties!!
Hims Booth am dis hear link.

We luv hims stuffoms!!!
Now hims stuffoms furst shows highest to lowest price, but dehr is an arrow on da side wher u kin change dat.

Ifns u can, let him knoh dat The Purple Kattery Sent you so him knows we did what we purrmiced!!

Luv n Purrz,

Katie Ann Kitty Too,
Assistant Mewnager
The Purple Kattery


  1. Thanks for your comment. Our language is German. We are German kitties!
    The kitty Joey is very cute. We wish he comes in a furry nice foreverhome soon.


  2. We hope Joey gets a home and the sanctuary is able to keep their home.

    We stopped by to see John 1010 at Bonanzle. He does have some pretty stuff.

  3. We hopes Le Ann gets her wish!

    We is furry glad dat the kitteh bag we sent yoo is going to a good cause, how pawsome is dat? We loves it!!



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