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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Napping, Purrayin and Two Movies From Christmas

Katie Too: Mom!!! Mawm!!!
Mom: No, Katie you can't go out. There is a very bad train and lots of snow and its COLD!!!
Katie: Noooo... I wants to go sleepy and gets warm wif you... lets lie onda couch n takes a nappy.
Mom: Okay.... Mom lays down on the couch. She pulls up the blanket and Katie gets under the covers on Mommiez chest.
Katie: when we gonna do another blog entry??
Mom: Right now.
Katie: How we do dat? We iz takin a nap.
Mom: the mystery of the internets...
Katie: Oh.... we gonna show a moovie? cuz weze gotted moovies frum chrissymouse and Maxie playin wif da red dot.
Mom: In a minute... First, lets purr for Jan's Funny Farm. Jan gotted her toe hurted and hur needs purrayerz.... Hur kin use some monies too. Hur has a Chip in Button for dat.
Katie Too: Otay... Katie closes hur eyes n purrz fur Jans toe. Mom, let's send some monies to Jan for hur kitties n doggies... kin we do dat?
Mom: Okay... We just click on the chip in button! Okay... We did dat!!!
Katie: but we is taking a nap! Oh never minds... Internets iz weerd.
Daisy jumps on the couch: Me go sleepy too!
Mom: Now don't crowd Katie off the couch, Daisy. There is plenty of room fur both of you!
Daisy snuggles under Mom's right arm: Otay... Me go sleepy here. Me Luv Mom... Mom iz needz kisses. Daisy kisses Mom's face.
Katie: DAISY GO SLEEPY!!! Dat gurl needs fixed... hur is sooo Daffy luvy stuffs.
Mom: Well, we needs money for dat.... so Let's purr bout dat too.
Katie Too and Daisy purrs bout Daisy being Daffy and needing her lady operation.
Maxwell Tigger jumps on the coffee table: Mom where my red dot... Ifs I cant goh sleepy wif da gurls, kin I play pleaze?
Mom: Okay.... looks like a Mom has gotta be multi taskin!
Mom shines the laser pointer all over the living room. Max chases the pointer while Katie Too n Daisy May go sleepy.
Mom: Max I needs to go sleepy... so I'm going to close my eyes now...
Max: Oh pooh... I gotta chase sumpin!
Max chases an imaginary moth through the house.... Bootsie Woo thinks Max is chasin hur and runs from the kitchen to the living room.
Bootsie Woo: Mom, Max is chasing me again!!

Oh alright.... Nap is over. Time for our moviez!

Mom!!! Dat one iz reelly short! Kin we see part 2?
(Maxie and Katie have a spat over the Secret Paw box. Guess who wins!)

Deze iz uv our Secret Paw Purrsent from Cory! Dey were takin after Mouse E. went over the bridge.
The video iz kinda dark cuz da sun wented down... and da living room is being remodeled.

More Movies next time!

Please visit Jan's Funny Farm and chip in to helps her with furry babies!

We iz gonna takes a real nap now!
Bye Bye Evfurrbuddy!!!

-Katie Ann Kitty Too.


  1. I totally loved your videos Katie! Oh yea, I really like your blog too...I'll be back to visit you again!

  2. Oh that was so much fun watching you play with the box we sent!!!! The whapping made my mom laugh too. Hope you liked the nip and the toys.


    Cory and family

  3. Hi, we were surprised to come by and find you sending bloggers to our place. Thank you all for thinking of us! Jan's toe is doing ... uh,anyone know how Jan's toe is doing? Oh, well, we hope you will come by and see the wonderful present we got yesterday, just in time for our first toe ... uh, we mean snow.


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