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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Found deze ladies helpin kitty cats

Peggy's Orphans at One Day old....

Hiya! Weze bin werking hards on our noo store at Bonanzle called The Purple Kattery.

Dey iz da bestest! better din ebay!
whatever stuffoms u iz lookin fur, try and search fur dat! you kin talks to peeples rite den bout dehr stuffoms and you kin makes offers too!
Da bestest fing - you don't havta becomes a member just sign in as a guest and buy your stuffs!

We iz gonna haves our first Live auction dehr tamorrohz
at 6pm central (dats 7pm est, 5pm mst and 4pm pst!) just goze to da purple kattery link above.

plz come and watch or sign up to chat wif us!
and find out what alla fun is likes dehr! Peeplez eat virtual pizza and haves parties like us kittybloggers do! Dis beze a great place for the friends of cb auctions, too! and all us kitties helpin each other!

We founds lots of nice peeples dats luvz cats.

And we needs to share wif you bout too of dem peeplez.

One of dems is a lady named Peg. Hur takes care of kittens who are abandoned until they can be adopted.
Dat soft color baby da photos is Frankie on March 1. She was a wee baby dat lost her mother. the brown tabby is her brother. Neither baby got to have any of mom's colostrum. Hur brother, the brown tabby did not make it. Click on the top photo for part one of their story. (Click on Frankie's photo to read her story... such a sweetie. gets all frantic when being fed and scratched her eye! Story no longer available on Bonanza)

Spoiler... finally eating on her own as of March 18. lots of lovely pics of her. Buying anything from Peg will help her keep feeding her little ones like this sweetie.

SECOND STORY: Kittens in Andover, New York
(no photo yet of these babies)

And den dehr iz a lady who just moved to a farm and folks dropped kittens on her land!
poor babies and dey needs help! here is the thread about what happened!
"We recently purchased a 200-year old farm that has several barns and an old home. We’ve been living here since December and just last week we’ve gotten our first FOUR dropped-off cats. Or kittens’s hard to say as they are starving and SO skinny. We’re out in the middle of the country so I guess people think we have the perfect place to leave their unwanted animals.
Our SPCA is a no-kill shelter but is not accepting any cats at all. There are no other animal shelters here. I can barely afford to feed them and they will grow up to spray and make more cats. I already have 5 dogs, 2 cats, and chickens.
What do I do with them??"
Please anyone can help.... or send me advice and I will pass it on to her.
Her store is: and she lives in Andover, New York.

Purrz n stuffoms,
Katie Kat n Katie Kitty Too


  1. What adorable kittens.
    KC posted on the Cat Blogosphere, maybe someone can help her.

    She also posted about The Purple Kattery, your online shop. It is a lot of fun. We love our new book.

    Take care,

  2. Aweeee, what sweet little tiny kitties. I hope they will find a loving home.
    I wanted to let you know that there was a mix up over at the auction and you were notified that the auction was closed and your bid could not be accepted. The mix up was an error on our part and the auction goes through Tuesday at midnight so you bid is in and OK. Check back tomorrow to make sure you do not get over bid on the item of interest for you.

  3. I am working on closing out the auction. The bidding on this week's items end at midnight today. It looks so far that you have the high bid on the item. I need you to email be at:

    I need you to do this so I can get your email address. KC will get in touch with you when the auction is ended if you win!


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