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Friday, August 06, 2010

Miri's Vet Visit

Miri did really well at the Vet's.

And she did pretty good in the truck ride too.
She did start to get a bit fussy halfway through the ride and want out of the carrier.

The only purrblem was I had to drive across town to the east side. If the Cat Hospital had been closer, I don't think she would have fussed hardly at all.

Dr. Jones said Miri's four month old teeth were in, which means the kittens are definitely between four and five months old, but Miri is very small for age. She only weighs 2.6 pounds! Such a gentle soul too. She let Dr. Jones take a blood sample without any problems at all.

Dr. Jones thinks that she may not have asthma or allergic bronchitis, but just plain bronchitis. She is on Clavamox now. Let's purr that she responds well to the antibiotics and won't need a steroid shot as well. She may still have allergies, but it is still too soon to tell the difference.

However when she was tested for FIV, Heartworms and Leukemia (the test checks all three), there was a mild positive for Leukemia. Which means that their four legged Mommy most likely has Leukemia. So now all the kittens should be tested for sure and then tested again in about three months.

I am having a big sad right now.... Miri and her curly haired brothers are so sweet, and the other three are slowly getting used to being inside. Please pray for these babies that I find their new Mommies soon who are willing to give them all the love they need for what may be a very short life, up to two years.

Love and Purrz,
Katie Kat.


  1. Try to find a holistic vet in your area - they can help treat leukemia to give them longer lives. A friend found a kitten who tested postive yet he lived to age 19!

  2. You said a mild positive. Could that mean it could be a false "positive" or is it because of her age that it wasn't more definitive?
    What ever the case, purrs and snuggles being sent from Taz, Runt, and Charles.
    Mommy, Anna, in Illinois

  3. Oh, we hope the little ones and their mom will be okay. We're glad Miri might not have asthma. They're lucky you rescued them.

  4. We are sads about this too but we are sending healing purrs to all the kittens and have our paws crossed that the mild positive was wrong and the next time it will be negative.

  5. WE have known of a few who had a mild positive and when retested were negative - we hope that is the case here. But don't be sad - because we also have known of lots of FIV positive kitties who went on to lead good, LONG lives! They just need to find homes that will understand that this is not a bad thing - they will just need to be a bit more careful and keep them healthy with good food and love!

  6. Best of luck with the test results; I hope they will all live long, happy lives even if their tests are positive again in 3 months...Keeping those sweethearts in our prayers and purrs...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Don't be sad yet! A weak positive result is not uncommon in kittens who when tested 3 months later turn out to be negative. It's not a given that their Mummy cat will be positive either. FeLv is a strange retrovirus and doesn't always behave accordingly. We've known of kittens who tested positive on both tests lead long and healthy lives in adulthood. The biggest problem for FeLv+ cats is stress and you just reduced the stress for these kittens by 99%!

    We're happy that Miri may not have asthma, we hope the antibiotics clear it up quickly.

    Whicky Wuudler

  8. We are pleased that the vet doesn't think Miri has asthma. We hope her brothers find new homes soon.

  9. Get well soon Miri!

    Being sick is no fun. Sending prayers that the test was off and that you just have something very minor that clears up soon. *hugs*

    Thanks again for the continued support for Bear, it really means alot to us!

    Love Bear & Amelia


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