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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy 4th from Uncle Doobie and Auntie Katie

Dis am Uncle Doobie and Auntie Katie Too purring dats all our Furry Friends has a safe and Happy Fourth of July!


From alla da katz at KFM
Katie Kat
Katie Kitty Too
Maxwell Tigger
Bootsie Woo
Bibi (Nana's Kitty)

Da Foster Kitties who needs furever homes:
Sammy & Miri; Tommy & Jordi
Jazzpurr, Boo Boo Bear & Toby
Uncle Doobie Davey & hims nieces n nephew:
Lulu, Laura, Lil Joe & Pattie
& their Mom n Dad who need TNR: Georgie (abandoned outdoor kitty) & Yubie (Davey's feral sisfur)


  1. Happy 4h to ALL of you. Hope all those in need of a permanent home find a good one soon.

  2. Happy Independence Day to my new furrends.

  3. Ps. I am a girl kittie. I LOVE sweet love stories. So WHO is Bootsie Woo in love with??

    1. Bootsie Woo ams a gurl kitty too. she is silly and thought Quinn wz a boyz name! Hur am furry young kitty and duzn't get outs much... =^..^=

  4. Happy 4th to you all (a little late)!! :)

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  5. Sorry we are late but we hope you had a great 4th of July. This is a really nice post for the 4th. Love the hats. Hope you all have a great Friday.

  6. love love love your photos and that video by Lee Greenwood is one of our faves! Thanks for stopping by and visiting us! We would love to follow you but we see you don't have "follow by email"...if you get it would you please let us know? Thanks!
    Love, Caren and Cody from Cat Chat oh and we hope you had a HAPPY 4TH!!

  7. I love your hat and that song! I hope you have a boo iemfree holiday!

  8. Hello beautiful cats of KFM and all the darling fosters!! We hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Fourth of July week!! Take care


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